Location Sharing: Do Check-Ins Have Business Value?

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The concept of checking in to a location has grown in popularity over time with social apps like Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter, and the ubiquity of location-aware mobile devices.  But does sharing your location really have true business value? We think so, especially in the context of your CRM data.

What if you could leave a mappable trail of all the customers and prospects you visited last week? What if you could see a visual representation of where your field sales team has been focusing their efforts? Maybe your business has some element of door to door, or route sales. If so, you probably love the idea of location sharing in your CRM.

Actually Get Sales Visit Notes

With Geopointe Check-ins for Salesforce, your mobile workforce can easily share their location, as well as any notes about their visit, directly from the field. Because it’s so easy, field reps are more likely to log these valuable notes. Even if the check-in is just a few quick points to help remind someone what to write in a more detailed Visit Report later. Check-ins can also be posted to Chatter, encouraging the additional team communication goodness that comes from that. 

Did You Really Visit 10 Customers Today?

Another way to use Geopointe Check-Ins is to drive accountability for your field reps. When a user checks in to a location in Salesforce1 on their mobile device, the app captures their exact location. Great. It also compares the distance between the actual location of the Salesforce record to the location of the check-in. This opens up the possibility of exception reporting or notifications when someone checks in, but is not really where they claimed to be. Of course, there may be legitimate reasons why this would happen, but now you have the data to use as you see fit.

See The Big Picture

Because each check-in logs data directly in Salesforce.com, marketers, sales and service operations leaders can take advantage of all the fantastic reporting abilities that come baked right into the Force.com platform. Understand metrics such as:

  • Report Idea 1 – Sales Manager – Today’s/ Last Week’s checkins – Where are my reps today?

  • Report Idea 2 – Inside Sales – How are Check-ins Impacting Closed Won Opportunities?

  • Report Idea 3 – Analytics – Where have my reps been concentrating their efforts?

If you want to see more, join our weekly webinar on Thursdays to learn how you can bring the value of checking in to your business.

Photo by katerha / CCBY4.0

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