Lightning Ready

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Geopointe supports the Salesforce Lightning Experience with Lightning Components but is also still accessible through the Classic interface.

Users that switch to the Lighting Experience will notice updated styling including; the use of the Salesforce Sans font, as well as some buttons and windows. Users staying in Salesforce Classic mode will notice the updated styles but encounter no change in functionality.

The latest lightning component available for Geopointe is the Nearest Records component. The component can be placed on any Lightning Page and provides a list of the nearby records, based upon a Geopointe Data Set.

The Nearest Records lightning component offers an endless number of possible use cases such as;

– Nearest reference-able customers
– Nearest service center
– Nearest fellow attendees to an event

It can be placed onto a Lightning Page multiple times (each with a unique configuration) and supports both the narrow and wide columns to provide a quick answer for end users.

More lighting components will continue to roll out in future releases.

To learn more about the Nearest Records component, visit our help site.


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