Geographic Searching & Analysis

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Search Any Salesforce Data

Geopointe can locate any Salesforce data, anywhere in the world. These searches could be anything from a view of all accounts, clustered by concentrations, to a small neighborhood search for local leads and prospects. Geopointe will give you the big picture using advanced visualization and filtering capabilities to identify trends and patterns you never knew existed.

Multiple search types and filtering options make your results tell a story instantly. Searches can be performed nearby a particular point or line, within the boundaries of a shape, or over a broader area. Your filtering options are easily accessible, like Salesforce users would expect from a list view, but with the complex possibilities of a report. The map adds that extra dimension a list view or report cannot: a geographic understanding of where your records are and how they relate to each other in proximity.

To learn more about Geographic Searching, visit our help site.

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