How to Use Geopointe in the Era of Quick Delivery

How to use geopointe in the era of quick delivery

Delivery services are becoming more essential than ever as organizations look for ways to directly transport food, services, and medical supplies to communities. 

If your team is looking for delivery solutions, Geopointe’s array of tools can help you facilitate daily routes, automate protocol, and safely manage drivers on the road.

Optimize Delivery Times with Routing Tools

Geopointe has a variety of routing tools that can serve unique needs. You can use the Add to Route action to build routes from the map, then optimize by time or distance to sort the stops in the most efficient order. 

If you prefer to manage visits using the Salesforce Calendar, you can use Calendar-based scheduling to generate a route from those scheduled events. 

Whichever option you use, it’s easy to launch the route in a navigation app and give drivers an efficient plan of travel.

Define and Analyze Delivery Areas

Geopointe’s shape drawing tools make it easy to define delivery areas and identify the records or customers that fall within them. You can draw these boundaries with your cursor — or use a predefined boundary from the Shape Library — then add it as a Shape Field so it is directly associated with a particular delivery center.

If all of your delivery centers have the same delivery radius, you can automatically apply that shape to all records in one swoop using this helpful hack. After you make your shapes, select the shape search type, then run the Data Set of your customers or open orders to see where those records fall.

Take Advantage of Mobile-Friendly Designs

Geopointe works natively in the Salesforce mobile app for a user-friendly mobile experience ideal for drivers on the go. The Calendar and Routing features work seamlessly with a device’s navigation or rideshare app, so driving directions are clear and easy to launch. 

Many of Geopointe’s other features, like Data Set searches, shapes, and actions, are just a few taps away, so drivers have all they need within easy reach. 

Contact our team today to learn more about Geopointe’s full toolbox of delivery service solutions.