4 Ways Sales Managers Can Leverage Check-Ins with Geopointe

4 Ways Sales Managers Can Leverage Check-Ins with Geopointe

The Check In (and Check Out) feature is one of Geopointe’s most popular for managers of field-based teams. The value is in its solution to one of their most common dilemmas: a lack of visibility. 

Fortunately, these check-ins make problems with remote visibility a thing of the past. 

To help you envision this feature in action, let’s walk through four common scenarios a field-based sales manager might run into, and how check-ins lend a hand.

Scenario 1: You Need a High-Level View of Your Team’s Status & Location

You should always have some knowledge regarding the whereabouts of your team, regardless of your management style (hands-on vs. hands-off). But when you have multiple sales reps scattered across the globe, it can be tough to keep track of where people are, where they last stopped, and the outcome of each stop. 

The Check In feature can help provide you with a high-level overview of your entire team’s movements and updates. One such way is as simple as having your reps check the “Share on Feed” box during their Check In or Check Out experience. 

The update will be shared to your team’s Chatter feed inside of Salesforce. From there, all you’ll have to do is log in to that page in order to see these movements in real-time, providing you with essential visibility. 

check in check out - chatter feed

Scenario 2: You Need to Know Which Accounts Haven’t Been Touched

It can be easy to let inactive accounts slip through the cracks, especially for companies with batches of new leads continually coming down the pipeline. But just because an account doesn’t initially express much interest, that doesn’t mean they won’t have a need at a later date. 

This is why it’s essential to identify accounts that aren’t getting attention. Your sales team will know when to try for more facetime. 

The Check In and Check Out feature makes the process of finding neglected accounts much more manageable. It’s as simple as creating a data set that tracks all accounts with no recent check-ins to visualize all of the accounts that need customer touches. 

From there, you can provide each member of your sales team with the accounts in need of attention. 

Scenario 3: A Sales Rep is Struggling to Meet Quota & You Want to Know Why

When a sales rep is struggling to meet their quota, it’s the job of the sales manager to provide them with coaching sessions to help them break out of their slump. But before you set up a coaching plan, you need to do your research to understand the root of the problem.

Believe it or not, The Check In and Check Out feature can help with this, using a log of key historical location data inside of Salesforce reports. With one quick look at those reports, you can begin to understand the habits of a struggling sales rep, and potentially identify the sources of their poor performance.

How long are they spending at each stop? How many stops per day are they making? Are they checking in at all? These reports offer insights into questions like these, allowing you to come up with an effective coaching plan for a struggling sales rep.

Geopointe Check In Problem Solving - Deals

Scenario 4: A Major Meeting for a Big Money Deal is Coming

When a big deal makes its way down the pipeline, it often gets center-stage attention from sales managers. Of course this makes sense — at later stages in the sales cycle, everything moves faster. Having real-time information on the status of the deal can help managers quickly provide support. 

Once again, a beloved Geopointe feature alerts managers when and where important meetings are taking place. For example, when sales reps arrive at the location for their final meeting with a prospect, they’re able to easily check-in from their mobile device to let their sales manager know the meeting is starting soon. 

With that information, the sales manager can free up their schedule and stay by their phone in case they’re needed. Even if they don’t need to intervene, the Check In and Check Out feature logs the meeting activity in Salesforce and serves as a reminder to the sales rep to provide meeting notes when the meeting is over — which, in turn, informs managers of the deal status.

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