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There are many (and we mean many) great things about the Geopointe team. But one of the best qualities of our team is their ability to hit a goal they’ve set for themselves. The team decided we would hit the 700 review mark on the Salesforce AppExchange in Q1 of 2019, and they delivered!
The whole Geopointe team takes note of each review posted to Geopointe’s Salesforce AppExchange listing – no matter the star count – to ensure our customers are heard, appreciated and (when necessary) given immediate support. We appreciate the time our customers take to write their reviews and we want to maintain a continual conversation with them so we can continue to develop and better our solution.
While it wasn’t an easy task, we found 10 of our favorite reviews from the past year to share with you. However, if you’d like to see the, now, over 700 we’ve collected, feel free to head over to our AppExchange listing to check them out.
1. Geopointe’s Ease-of-Use
“Geopointe has been an awesome addition to our sales teams. The tool can handle complex mapping but provides an easy to use interface that makes adoption a piece of cake. Great productivity tool. Support and service is everything you would ask for as well.”
2. Use of the Term “GodSend”
“Kyle Waller is a godsend. I needed to set up a SOQL filter on an assignment plan and not having any experience in doing such a thing, I reached out to Geopointe’s Technical Support team.
Kyle got back to me the very same day and after a bit of clarification on my part he created and implemented the SOQL filter. He even went a step beyond and set up a second filter that I didn’t even think about that kept our records from getting lost in a loop.
Geopointe, on its own, is an amazingly versatile and powerful app but the fact that their support staff is willing to go above and beyond the way Kyle did for me makes it a must have.”
3. Geopointe’s Awesome Team
“Geopointe has been an incredible company to work with. Their response time is amazing, especially given that we are on the opposite coast. They are helpful, easy to work with and thoughtful of our time and needs. Can’t wait to dig into the product more.”
4. Straight to the Point!
“We have over 250 reps that use Geopointe on a daily basis. Our business simply could not function without it.”
5. Social Media Shoutout
“Geopointe is a must have Salesforce app. Radius and drive time searches are crucial when planning where to hold an event. Plus, the map of the day on the Geopointe LinkedIn/Twitter are rad. Highly recommend it!”
6. Our [Amazing] Customer Service
“I am writing this review mainly on the Customer Service of our Account Executive Italo Caro, as we are in the infancy stage of our Geopointe Relationship (still in our sandbox, not yet deployed)
Each call/meeting with our Rep was fantastic. Every question was answered and they were always respectful and very knowledgeable in their product. You could tell they loved the company they work for. We would let them know the types of questions we had prior to our meetings and our Rep (if needed) would have an expert on the line to answer our technical questions. Above and Beyond what we expected since we hadn’t purchased anything yet.
Excited to start our journey with them and, if I am able to update this review once we have been working with it, I certainly will”
7. Become a Superhero
“This app has turned me into a hero. Our business is location-based – commercial real estate. This app has allowed us to leverage our Salesforce data in ways our team only dreamed of. Literally. When I joined the team we used 3 apps to attempt to manage leads based on address. I can now overlay my reporting on the map and provide more value to our prospective and past clients. Thank you Mitchell Johnson for answering all my questions!”
8. Shortest Review
“Italo is great! Geopointe is fantastic!”
9. Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves
“The tool is very straightforward : mix Salesforce reporting with GoogleMaps functionality…which is really wonderful. The team is very responsive and knowledgeable.”
10. Perfection Achieved
“A necessary app for scheduling sales travel. The perfect solution to eliminate the manual process of having to export from Salesforce and import into Google Maps before business travel. Geopointe integration just made planning business travel a whole lot easier.”

Have you had an amazing experience using Geopointe? Head to our Salesforce AppExchange page to share it with our team and the Salesforce community!

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