Telecommunications Increases Frequency with Geopointe

One of the biggest challenges the Telecommunications industry faces is the volume of data you store in your CRM and the overwhelming follow-up question of, “Now what do I do with all this data?” 

For many organizations in this industry, you’re constantly uploading and deleting millions of records on a weekly or monthly basis, and that’s a lot of data to sort through. It’s difficult to view, understand, and take action upon large amounts of data. 

You could take the time to try to figure it out in a spreadsheet or a report, but it can be close to impossible to see the big picture. You could also use a costly, advanced business intelligence tool. Or, you could use Geopointe and gain back hours of your time. 

Gaining Access

No matter what role you’re in, planning your day can be tricky when you have a lot of data to sort through. With Geopointe’s Automated Assignment feature, routing leads to users is quick and easy. By creating Assignment Areas and setting up Assignment Rules, leads can be assigned to users based on geographical territory. 

A Telecommunications and mass media company is using Geopointe to do just this. They have outside reps who travel door-to-door for new business in their territories. They have general rules about not splitting up postal codes and use color filters on the map to make sure they’re adhering to the rules. 

With Geopointe, you’ll gain a variety of different insights through data visualization such as mapping your store locations, competition, customer demographics, and more. This will help your team accelerate its business strategy. 

Prioritization from Data Visualization

Once you have your leads, it can be hard to decide what’s most important and where to start. Geopointe has a variety of tools to help you create your schedule, daily route, and more, but how do you select the best accounts or contacts to visit? 

Another Telecommunications company has a record for every postal code and uses Geopointe to visualize important data such as: 

  • Number of current customers
  • Customer plan type
  • Veteran status of customers
  • and more

This enables them to better serve their customers, while knowing which packages and products to sell to whom. They are constantly aggregating data and using data summaries to break down data in each shape to plan their target accounts. 

Additionally, the outside sales reps receive a set amount of time to flip each lead. If the lead isn’t flipped within the given amount of time, the lead is given to a new sales rep. 

Using Geopointe, it’s easy for the sales reps to visualize accounts based on activity so they don’t lose their leads. The sales operations teams are also able to visualize this data and transfer leads directly from the map when/if the time comes. 

Roaming into the Field with Geopointe’s Mobile Capabilities

Once you’ve planned your day, it’s time to get out into the field (or hit the phones if you’re still waiting for travel restrictions to be lifted). Geopointe is Salesforce Mobile Ready, which means you can use Geopointe directly in your Salesforce mobile app, giving you the ability to access your saved routes and navigate directly on your mobile device. 

A mobile communication company uses Geopointe almost exclusively on their mobile phones and tablets. The Check In & Out feature is most popular in this organization because users are able to: 

  • Run through their scheduled day without much thought on where to go next 
  • Update their CRM data in real-time
  • Create automatic follow-up tasks inside of Salesforce

Our Nearby Lightning Component also gives users the ability to find accounts nearby if they have extra time or a cancellation and want to see if there is somewhere else they can go to efficiently fill their schedule.

Power Up the Insights from Your Data

Ultimately, Geopointe is a no-brainer in the Telecommunications industry. This industry is bombarded with a constant influx of data. Don’t let things slip through the cracks and use Geopointe to streamline your processes, so that your service and sales reps can do what they do best.

Request a demo today to learn how Geopointe can support your organization.

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