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Geopointe increases Salesforce adoption, gives back valuable time to Sales Operations teams

If you’re in an Operations role, likely you have an endless list of tasks to complete and not enough time to complete them all. Operations employees are commonly met with many challenges when it comes to efficiently running the supply chain, warehouses, distribution, and the many other priorities they are tasked with.

Revenue is every team’s first priority, so how do operations employees find the time to support their sales teams in driving revenue while also completing their activities that help make the business operate? 

Luckily, there are solutions out there that help increase efficiency, reducing the amount of time spent on non-Operations-related priorities. Operations teams using Geopointe help their sales teams be more self-sufficient by giving them the resources they need to shorten their sales process and, ultimately, win more deals. 

Salesforce Implementation and Adoption

The Operations team is important to any functioning organization, but it helps when these employees have solutions on their side to ease some of the constant contact or hand-holding. 

Increasing CRM adoption is one of the quickest ways to improve your processes, but it’s often hard to convince your sales team to input their information and data into Salesforce, let alone trying to get them to update it. As you know, a CRM is only helpful if the data is accurate and your sales team continues to keep it updated. Geopointe improves Salesforce adoption simply because the solution helps team members do their jobs better, which initiates a team buy-in. 

Manufacturing companies are using Geopointe to simplify their processes, but operations employees are usually the ones that have to implement. Salesforce implementation and adoption improves when organizations use Geopointe because it’s a simple and straightforward enough resource that can seriously amp up the power of the sales process. 

These teams can now independently start the sales process, and include your Operations teams when things progress down the funnel and become more intentional. Instead of the usual hand-holding, your team can use Geopointe to ease a long list of duties by improving Salesforce adoption and driving territory management, lead routing, and more. 

Using Geopointe in an Operations role in the Manufacturing industry

We can talk forever about how Geopointe will support your territory design and management processes, help assign leads and mass update records, and improve Salesforce adoption. But instead, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how Geopointe can actually help your Operations team in the Manufacturing industry. 

Geopointe helps you understand the data your team is inputting daily, thus allowing you to understand your prospective customer base in order to close more deals. Most solutions are complicated, working in the background to put out information that your sales team doesn’t understand or pay attention to in the end. Geopointe is a simple tool your sales team can use to free up the time of your other teams. 

In this space, we have multiple customers simplifying their processes to increase productivity. Unsurprisingly, most of these customers are using their historical data to make future decisions, create pricing, and understand their competitive advantage. 

The best way to learn is by example, so here are a few use cases that show how our current customers are using Geopointe to understand their businesses and better execute operations. 

Geopointe speeds up the timeline for customer quotes at a steel processing company

A steel processing company uses Geopointe to map historical freight rates so they can deliver rates to their prospective customers in a more timely manner. Previously, the sales team had to contact logistics for rates which often took multiple days. They would get these rates based off of rates given to previous customers in that zip code, but if they didn’t have a previous customer, figuring out freight rates was a lengthy process. 

Using Geopointe, the logistics team is pulling quarterly information about freight rates and mapping them. They use an external spreadsheet with transaction information and then upload this CSV into Geopointe. The ability to map this data, without wasting time uploading it into Salesforce first, speeds up the sales process, but also helps the entire organization skip many steps without sacrificing customer experience.

Now, the sales team can access these previous rates given a specific zip code and let these customers know how much their total cost would be without making the customer wait for the quote. The logistics team now has more time on their hands to focus on deals that are actually going to close rather than prospects who are early into the buying process.

Geopointe helps optimize pricing for a ready-mix concrete company

A ready-mix concrete company is using Geopointe in a similar way, mapping their historical quotes with a win/loss analysis. The team can view where they have consistently lost deals in order to create new, more competitive pricing. These insights also help the team make decisions on when to lower pricing to maintain positive customer relationships for future business. 

Conversely, the sales team can view where they have consistently won deals and increase pricing if they are positive the transaction will close at the higher price. They also have the capability of mapping their competitors in order to understand who is in the area, and if that will play a role in prospective customers’ bidding processes. The sales team now can feel confident that their quotes that they are providing have some intelligence built in and are backed by data. 

Geopointe lends a competitive advantage to a building material company

Another building material company is using Geopointe to map their “Zone of Natural Advantage” in order to better understand their deals lost in that area. This specific area of “Natural Advantage” is a place where they should be winning all the business because they have a natural advantage of owning all the resources in this area. 

However, occasionally deals are still being lost. The operations team uses this data as a “post-mortem” tool to decide if the process needs to change in order to predict a better outcome, or they’ll need to investigate if a new competitor is coming into the area and disrupting their usual advantage. Using Geopointe, the Operations team is able to support revenue growth by continuing to protect the “Zone of Natural Advantage”, while providing the sales team an idea of what went wrong to predict a better outcome next time. 

The modern sales team is tech-savvy, adaptive, and capable. Use Geopointe to streamline your current Operations processes, empowering your operations team by decreasing time spent away from your own priorities helping with sales and other customer-facing teams. 

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