Mapping Out March Madness Predictions with Geopointe

March is upon us and university alumni across the United States are pulling out their team jerseys and foam fingers in preparation for the madness that will ensue, March Madness that is.

March Madness is an annual tournament consisting of 67 non-stop, elimination games between the top ranked NCAA basketball teams in the nation. Every year fans rally in preparation for this ultimate show of fanaticism and school loyalty. March Madness is such a significant cultural phenomenon that bracket and gameday distractions account for a $4 billion loss in employee productivity.

You might be wondering how this relates to your business, aside from the loss of employee productivity. The answer is simple: customer demographics. For companies like Coca-Cola, a company well-known for branding their products and store displays according to seasonal sporting events, it’s important to understand how product needs and demands vary by location. Customer demographics define marketing initiatives, inventory predictions, shipping logistics, and much more. To put it simply, the majority of business operations are defined by customer demographic information such as location and product preference. March Madness is no exception.

For organizations using Salesforce, Geopointe can help make sense of customer data to better align marketing initiatives with the correct audience. Geopointe users are able to create data layers to provide a visual representation of their data on a map. Marker clustering and heat mapping can then be used to see concentrations, highlighting areas of need or importance. Geopointe also offers a mobile check-in feature via the Salesforce1 app, allowing travelers to enter their location, navigate between stops, and optimize their route options.

Demographics Data Map

Aside from the features mentioned above, Geopointe offers demographic layering capabilities. Using information from the United States Census, Geopointe is able to map out population demographics and connect the information to your Salesforce data, making it easier to understand your customers’ needs. Mapping out assets and deciding where to best place resources to get the best return on investment is simplified with Geopointe. Avoid the madness this march, and be a winner with Geopointe.

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