How Salesforce Mobile Can Be a Road Warrior’s Best Friend

Salesforce mobile (previously knows at Salesforce1 and SF1) gives Salesforce users the versatility of a CRM on their mobile devices. To build upon this versatility, we at Geopointe want to give our users the same power of the map search on our desktop application, but simplified for the Salesforce mobile mobile interface. We designed Geopointe for Salesforce mobile as a tool perfect for road warriors who need their applications to be as fast and as mobile as they are.


Imagine you just finished up a meeting with a client and have some extra time. With Geopointe forSalesforce mobile, you can run a search for nearby records and easily access them within Salesforce1 by simply tapping them and pressing view record. For simplicity, the search displays up to the closest 100 results around your current location. By pressing and holding a new location, the center of the search can be reset to a new location for searching and setting up appointments ahead of time.


So you’ve pulled up a number of contacts to visit through a map search but need directions to each one. After a successful search, a list button shows up on the map with the number of search results. Pressing this button lists the results of the search and at the top of this page is a route button that adds all the search results to a route. Routes can be either loaded in from saved routes created from your desktop version of Geopointe or created from your mobile device on the fly by adding search results or new points to a route. Combined with Google traffic, routing reveals the best way to travel between leads for more efficient sales.


Routing provides a great way to plan stops in advance, but what about keeping track of where you’ve been? With check-ins, simply tap a record on the map, tap the record name at the bottom of the screen, and a blue button will show up next to the view record button for easy access to check-in and check-out. Once checked in, Geopointe generates a check-in record and optionally updates your chatter feed to let coworkers know where you are. After a long day on the road, it can be difficult to remember exactly where you’ve been, and what was discussed but check-ins make this task effortless.

If you’re a road warrior looking for a mobile application that gives you just the right tools you need while traveling, Geopointe for Salesforce mobile is the perfect application for you. If you are a current Geopointe user and want to learn more about the Geopointe mobile application, check out our Geopointe for Salesforce mobile page.

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