Viewing Related Records

Did you know you can view Salesforce records records to your mapped record from the Geopointe map?

A fairly new feature to Geopointe, the View Related Records button allows you to see other records related to the mapped location without leaving the map page. It can be accessed from info bubble on the map, either by clicking the button or choosing it from the Salesforce Actions.

A window will pop up with all of the records attached to the one you searched. The visible tabs and columns are determined by the Page Layout for the record, so the administrator doesn’t need to do any configuration to display the fields.

From here you can click on each tab to see the related records. I have the example open to the contacts. I can see their basic information here, but if I need more, I can click on their names and go to their record. I also have the option of launching the parent record I initially searched from in a new window.

The convenience of the related records function becomes imperative if you need a quick piece of information but you haven’t finished with your data mapping. This allows you to take care of it without having to go to a different screen and lose my map progress.

For example, let’s say you want to plan a route, but need to talk to someone before you stop by. You also know you have their direct line on record, and would rather just call them directly. You can view the related records, find their number, and give them a call without losing your place on the map. Once you’ve confirmed their availability, add it to your route. It’s the more convenient way to access this information when you only need a quick glance.

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