Beyond Sales: How Geopointe Supports Additional Internal Teams

how geopointe supports additional internal teams outside of sales

For sales leaders, the benefits of Geopointe are almost immediately evident. From streamlining sales territories to making more informed business development decisions, the list of sales-specific benefits truly goes on and on. 

But Geopointe is so much more than just a sales application. In fact, many organizations who adopt it for sales come to realize the powerful benefits it offers other teams.

To showcase its benefits beyond sales, check out a few examples of powerful features in action and how they support other internal teams. 

Improve Marketing Strategy & Operations

Modern marketers rely far more heavily on data and analytics. For marketing teams, adopting Geopointe provides them with an opportunity to add a whole new dimension to their data: geography. 

Geographical insights give marketing leaders a serious edge on their competition, as they can make more informed decisions to optimize their day-to-day operations. 

How Geopointe Supports Additional Internal Teams - Marketing

For early-stage planning, Geopointe helps marketers locate their data on a map and immediately put it to use. Take building a new campaign as an example. Marketers can load target accounts onto the map and use Heat Mapping to get a good idea of location and density. Using that information, the Shape Library can be used to select the regions they want to center their campaign around and save as an actionable layer. 

This strategy can be applied to trade shows, email blasts, mail campaigns, and more. It’s only the tip of the iceberg for marketers in Geopointe. 

For more details on how marketing teams work with Geopointe, click here.

Paint the Big Picture for Executives

For most companies, executives spend the bulk of their time focusing on the big picture, rather than day-to-day tasks. Geopointe is often looked at as a task-driven tool to aid in productivity, but the benefits it provides for high-level insights are substantial. 

After all, if you want to see the big picture, what better tool than a map showcasing the efforts of your entire operation? 

One key feature that helps executives see pertinent high-level details is Thematic Maps, which can take relevant data sets, visualize them, and make them readily accessible for meetings and strategic planning. 

How Geopointe Supports Additional Internal Teams - Executives

Need to showcase a business development strategy to the board? Thematic Maps bring your most powerful metrics to life from a more digestible, visual perspective that helps your talking points hit home. 

Outside of meetings, the Geographic Searching & Analysis capabilities allow executives to quickly grasp the big picture using advanced visualization and filtering to identify hidden trends and patterns. 

See more use cases for Executives here.

Optimize Customer Service & Account Management Processes

For professionals charged with the task of assisting customers daily, any opportunity to provide better, faster, and smoother service is a win. Geopointe combines the power of several features, uncovering immediate opportunities to streamline processes for customer-facing teams. 

With a Geopointe map in their Salesforce instance, customer service folks — whether they work in an office or the field — can see where accounts are located and update them with the click of a button.

For field teams, Geopointe’s territory management capabilities provide significant benefits, as they can strategically split up and automatically assign territories based on the number of accounts or service centers they have in one area . Using Routing & Optimization, they can find the best way to reach the most accounts in the lease amount of time.

How Geopointe Supports Additional Internal Teams - Customer Service

For office-based teams, Inline Editing simplifies account updating, as they can edit Salesforce records directly from the map. 

Find further use cases for account management here.

Enhance Back-End Support for Admin & Technical Teams

Salesforce admins and other technical teams provide other departments with solutions and optimizations that enhance workflows. To better aid them in these tasks, Geopointe comes strapped with dynamic features that make back-end updates much easier. 

When requests come in for specific customizations, there is a powerful use case for Geopointe’s API methods. Let’s say a customer service team needs to know the closest service center on each account record to schedule repairs. They can use Geopointe’s API methods, in conjunction with a trigger, to direct Apex to process information about an account record, perform a radial search, and return the first result in the list to populate the custom field. 

Geopointe, in its entirety, is full of admin-friendly customizations like this that are a dream for those working in the more technical side of a business. 

Discover additional use cases for admins here.

Curious to know how Geopointe applies to your specific role and industry? Contact our team for a personalized demo.

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