Tips to Utilize Geolocation While Working Remotely

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With the rising number of companies asking their teams to work remotely to mitigate the risk of spreading the Coronavirus, we want to offer some tips on how you and your team can leverage geolocation without missing a beat.

1. Identify areas to help and show you care

The best advice we can give to any sales or customer-facing person during this difficult period is to be empathetic to your customer’s situation. They are likely focused on their families and how to take care of their own customers.

With that in mind, you and your team can add WMS layers to the Geopointe map to show things like the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases alongside your customer/prospect data. This will provide context to any conversations you are having or you can use this as an opportunity to send a care package depending on the situation.

Utilize geolocation while working remotely Geopointe UI view COVID cases

*Since the original posting of this article, we reached out to and they provided a dynamic COVID-19 dynamic WMS layer in less than 24 hours of our request that Geopointe users can utilize. Geopointe users can add the link “” as a WMS layer to map COVID-19 information provide by Genasys (as pictured below).

Interested in trying this yourself? Check out the following resources:

2. Use this time to catch up on your communications

You are likely working from home and so are your customers and prospects. As long as you reach out with empathy (see #1) and with solutions to real problems, now is a great time to catch up on calls, emails, and other communications with your customers and prospects.

Geopointe search by last activity UI

There are lots of ways to go about this but we recommend using geolocation to time block your calls by geography, timezone, territory, etc. Even better, you can create layers on the map that quickly highlight contacts and accounts that you have not contacted in awhile.

Interested in trying this yourself? Check out the following resources:

3. Plan for future trips (we hope 2021 be busier)

If you’re like us, many of your trade shows and trips were postponed until next year. This means you and your customers will likely be working from home for the foreseeable future as well.

That being said, businesses will continue to operate the best they can in the short term and there will likely be pent up demand when the situation has subsided. Use this opportunity to do a deep dive on your territory and plan your best trips yet for 2021.

Tip: Combine the power of Geopointe’s geo-analysis capabilities with calendar-based scheduling to identify customers/prospects to visit once the Coronavirus situation has subsided:

Remember, just because your team may be working remotely doesn’t mean you can’t add value to your customer and prospects using geolocation.

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