Paycor Fuels Growth Through Field Sales Productivity with Geopointe

A Geopointe Customer Story:

Customer: Paycor
Headquarters: Cincinnati, OH
Type: Private
Industry: Human Capital Management Solutions
Employees: Approx. 1,800
Sales Team Structure: Field Sales Team

Problem: Paycor, a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of Payroll and Human Resources software solutions, helps more than 40,000 businesses nationwide make an impact with their recruiting, onboarding, benefits and payroll. Paycor’s field sales organization sellers manage many opportunities simultaneously in a fast-paced, high volume atmosphere, and needed a way to sell faster and more efficiently than Paycor’s competitors. 

Sellers needed to better understand their territory and spend less  time navigating unfamiliar areas, as well as find accounts near each other to optimize their time spent with prospects and partners. Reps had difficulty visualizing their territories to understand where to focus their time and where to plan their trips. 

Paycor’s leadership and sales operations, with hundreds of sales territories across the country, were in need of a way to analyze and rebalance territories to ensure equity and territory coverage.

Solution: Paycor implemented Geopointe, which allowed sellers to visualize their territory and make better use of their time. With Geopointe, sellers can easily identify prospects and partners to meet, plot them on the map, and see which ones are closest to one another to automatically create an optimal driving route. Sellers can use Salesforce on their mobile device to view the route on the Geopointe map, find nearby contacts to fill cancellations at a moment’s notice, and log activity in Salesforce on-the-go. 

Salesforce admins are able to easily assign and manage each rep’s territory and sales leaders use Geopointe to see how the accounts are distributed among their team members at any given time. The marketing team uses the Geopointe map to locate leads near Paycor event venues and send them invitations. 

Results: Paycor sees Geopointe as a critical tool supporting the organization’s growth and success. Sellers are able to fully understand their territories and where to focus their time and efforts. They are now able to cut down on driving time and preparation for visits, which allows them to see more partners and prospects, increasing sales volume. Paycor has found that team members who utilize Geopointe see 2.3 more visits per week and are more likely to achieve their goals. 

Paycor’s admins can save time by rebalancing territories quickly and easily, automatically updating sellers with the changes. The sales team recognizes Geopointe as a competitive advantage for Paycor. Brian Vass states, “it’s critical that our field sellers are maximizing their time while they’re in the field. We have high activity goals and high volume, so reps need to make good use of their time and Geopointe allows them to do just that.”

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