Meet the Geopointe Team – Ben Gibbs

Thank you for joining us for another opportunity to Meet the Geopointe Team! Today we would like to introduce you to Ben Gibbs, Geopointe Solution Engineer (Extraordinaire but that’s not officially part of his title).
Number of years at Geopointe
One of your favorite things about working at Geopointe

House Renovation, it’s great fun albeit hard work. Either that or something musical like learning an instrument, or spending time teaching my kids to DJ.
Where is your favorite place to visit?
Nothing better than visiting friends and family back in good ol’ England
What city would you most like to live in?
It’s a toss up between my place of birth, London, or the beautiful city of Barcelona.
Check out a few of our AppExchange reviews below to see why Geopointe customers love working with Ben. We are lucky to have Ben on the Geopointe team and we love hearing our customers feel the same way!
For more reviews on Geopointe and our team, visit us on the AppExchange.

“We have received great support even before acquiring Geopointe which has let us give our client an excellent experience. Today they are fascinated with tool’s ease, interface and functionality, and we look forward to continue collaborating in improving and customizing their transactions. Thank you Italo Caro, Ben Gibbs and Rudy Ornelas for your support!”
“We are just getting our feet wet with GeoPointe, but the benefits were immediately clear as Mitchell, David and Ben helped us identify opportunities to leverage our SalesForce data in a whole new way. From identifying prospects that are geographically more advantageous for us to finding existing clients in areas where upgraded services were available, we are just scratching the surface of GP’s potential. Integrating KML/KMZ data was a huge plus, helping more clearly identify and plan prospecting in our best-served areas. The GP team has been extremely responsive in getting us up and running as well as optimizing the environment to be most useful for our users.”
“We are just starting with Geopointe and we really like it so far. It was a pleasure working with Jade and Ben. This app is extremely easy to use and has all the capabilities we looked for in a mapping program.”

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