5 Maps to Find the Best Places & Prices for an Ideal Summer Vacation


Data maps and their uses are ever growing, providing business solutions, strategic insights and even vacation guidance! That’s right, the usages for data maps extend well outside of the walls of your office building. And, when it comes to mapping out a summer vacation that is both fun and affordable, there are few tools more useful than a data-driven map to steer you in the right direction!

Luckily, we’ve collaborated all the data maps you’ll need to plan a quick summer escape that is both economical and enjoyable!

1. Search for a ‘Staycation’ Spot

Source: WalletHub

The “staycation,” sometimes referred to as a “holistay,” has become a popular budget-friendly alternative to traditional vacations. It entails that you take less time-off from work and stay relatively close to home to save time and money.

Using 36 applicable metrics and 150 of the most populated U.S. cities (based on recreation, food and entertainment), the map above can tell you if you’re in a prime area for a“staycation” and what your best options are for activities.

2. Visit a Hit Ballpark

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Source: Google Maps Blog

Pro Baseball season is in full swing during summer, and as America’s most tradition entrenched sport, there are no shortage of baseball stadiums – from Fenway Park in Boston to Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles – that can serve as the centerpiece for your next vacation.

The map below breaks down the most popular baseball stadiums to visit based on Google search trends. Once you decide on a ballpark, be sure to check that the team is in town during your stay using this link.


3. Explore America’s Landmarks

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Source: Google Maps Blog
In the mood to explore “America the Beautiful” by visiting one or more of the top U.S. land marks? From the awe-inspiring landscape of Mount Rushmore to the sign that sits famously atop Hollywood Hills, there are famous landmarks spread across the entire country full of incredible views that produce epic Instagram shots. Use the map above to gather ideas on which landmark you’d like to visit this summer!


4. Pick a Picturesque National Park

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Source: Google Maps Blog
Whether you prefer to endure the heated hike to Grand Canyon National Park, or an elevated excursion to see the sequoias of Yosemite National Park, if you love exploring nature there are few options better than America’s national parks. Just be sure to check the weather before you plan your trip, as many of the parks can have extreme conditions at certain times of year. The 15 parks in the map above are some of the most notorious spots to visit.


5. Curate a Cost-based Vacation

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Source: Time.com
With travel numbers well above those of last years (19 percent based on airfare bookings through American Express Travel), it’s clear that Americans are getting more comfortable investing in vacation plans.[1] But, with the tools available in today’s age of technology, you shouldn’t just settle for the first service you come across. Luckily, we found the perfect tool to help you budget your trip once you’ve picked your destination. Click the map above to head to time.com to calculate your costs and keep your travel budget in-line.


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