Social Selling: How to get more face time with your customers

Social Selling is Not a New Thing

The term “social selling” is new, but selling has always been a social thing. The best salespeople are the ones who click with prospects – and today’s technology landscape gives you more ways to do that than ever before.

As cold calling goes the way of the Betamax, we’ve moved to a more rounded approach to sales – one with multiple touchpoints and tactics. But despite the landslide of ways to connect these days, it’s hard to beat an old-fashioned face-to-face. And what’s more social than that?

So why not maximize the time you spend out-n-about meeting with customers and prospects by using the trip planning and routing abilities of Geopointe? It’s right inside Salesforce, and you can take it with you because it works in Salesforce1. It can even tell you when and where to stop for a burger along the way. (True story!)

Here are 6 simple ways to use Geopointe to maximize your face time.

  • Map out your prospects. Geopointe lets you map accounts, opportunities, custom objects, and more by querying across any of your Salesforce records. Use it to create insightful heat maps and charts in a single click.
  • Overlay prospects with current customers. It’s helpful to know what current customers you have in a particular prospect’s area. Segment by location and industry, and you might have a real-life success story to use as a sales tool.
  • Schedule meetings based on location. Proximity searching allows you to quickly build trips around anchor meetings by listing or searching for nearby leads and opportunities.
  • Plan your travel routes. Geopointe makes planning efficient travel as easy as possible. You can optimize and save your routes, and even share them with colleagues.
  • Follow a pre-saved route from right inside Salesforce1. Launch Google Maps driving directions in a single click. Poof! What’s more efficient than that?
  • Use Geopointe to log meeting notes. Log notes on your smartphone or tablet and generate maps to show where you’ve been. Impress your boss with your screamin’ efficiency – or perhaps use your own route as an exemplar for prospects. You see – Isn’t social selling awesome?

When is your next business trip? Why not start a free Geopointe trial in your Salesforce org, and test it out with your real customer data?

photo by Leonard Bentley / CCBY2.0

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