We’re at the MVP Summit!

Salesforce.com has a great community. A few years ago, they decided to recognize star community contributors with an MVP program. They have continued to up their game, putting their money where their mouth is, and have gathered the MVPs together for a summit for the second year running.

A considerable portion of our company are Salesforce MVPs, and we’re at the Summit in San Francisco this week hearing about the future of the platform. We get to listen to Salesforce product mangers and executives give us a sneak peak at what’s coming next on the platform, and within their products. We’d love to be able to share what they’re telling us….but it’s top secret.

For now, lets just say that Salesforce.com is very committed to innovation and responding to customer feedback. They’re also committed to having fun.

Lots of  information and previews, as well as time interacting with the great people that make up the Salesforce Community. We’re excited about the things we’re hearing and how they will help us to continue to bring you greater functionality on the Force.com platform, and we are truly honored to be a part of this.

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