Geopointe for Exercise

Working here at Geopointe, I don’t have much of a need to use it professionally for my day-to-day. Rather, most of my Geopointe interaction is on demos, over calls, or writing support docs. But that doesn’t mean I don’t use it.

My social circle is full of running junkies; I’ve got one friend or another running in a race every weekend. Me? I have asthma, so running isn’t my idea of a good time. I do like speed walking and jogging, though.

Physical representations of progress are important to me in my exercise routine. Luckily, Geopointe is the perfect solution. I use it one of two ways.

  1. To map out a jogging path before I leave.
  2. To check mileage of a route after getting home.

To create my routes, I  right click ‘add to route’ on the web, set the route to walking (optimized off), and then Get Route. Here is one I walked with a friend last week, close to our Arrowpointe offices.

What’s great about mapping it as a walking route is Google recognizes the bike and walking trails we have in the neighborhood, so I can get an accurate read of where I went. It’s so much easier with Geopointe than any other web solution. I also find a workout more motivating when visible on the map. This particular route Google says should take just over an hour to walk. We walked it in about 50 minutes. Good way to measure that we were going a reasonably fast pace!

Now, it’s your turn. We’d love to hear if you’ve found non-work ways to use Geopointe as well. What sort of fun have you had with the app?

Photo by emaspounder / CCBY4.0

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