Successfully Optimizing a Route

As most Geopointe users are probably aware, you have the option to optimize a route once you’ve selected all of your points, and the program will find you the best route between the points. There are some tricks you can use to ensure you receive the best optimized route possible.

  • Consider your starting position: the optimization leaves the starting and ending position alone and only moves the points in between. Where do you want your starting position to be? At your first stop or at your starting location? If your starting position isn’t in Salesforce, add the address manually or locate it with the places search.
  • This goes for your ending position as well. Will you be returning to work, or driving straight home? Do you have a hotel for the evening? Put your ending destination in to make sure your route moves in the right direction.
  • If you drive a company vehicle that is off site, consider: will it make more sense to start your route from the office or from the vehicle storage facility? You know the time it takes to get from work to your vehicle; start it there instead.
  • Have a favorite eatery? Figure out when will be the best time to enjoy it during your route.
  • Remember, the computer won’t know every variable. You may have an appointment early in the morning at a location the optimized route thinks isn’t going to work for you. Remember, you can optimize first, then turn off the “optimize route?” check box to move a location or two around later.

Below is an example of a route that was optimized and the results of moving two points out of order.

I hope these tips are helpful to you in finding a perfect route. What about you daily Geopointe users? Have any of you found ways that help make your routes more effective?

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