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Rational AG Success Story


Landsberg am Lech. Germany

Rational AG uncovers the path to lead growth with Geopointe.

Geopointe has increased transparency into our Salesforce data and allowed our team to improve efficiency and effectiveness in their trip planning.

– Christoph Ordner, Director Customer Experience Management


Starting out in 1973 with only 18 employees, Rational AG has built its success on an unwavering commitment to a shared goal of continuously creating value for their customers. RATIONAL has never just been content with being mechanical engineers, they are an innovative solutions provider. Above all else, RATIONAL’S utmost priority is to satisfy their customers. This vision has transformed them into a global market and technology leader. As such, 140 million dishes are prepared daily around the world in RATIONAL units.

The Challenges
  • Finding a geolocation solution that would integrate with Salesforce.
  • Creating optimized routes for a team of 300 sales managers for on-site visits.
  • Easily locating Accounts to add to a planned trip based on location and pre-defined criteria.
  • Identifying new leads within a sales manager’s territory.
  • Simplifying the process of marketing local visits based on location.
Why Geopointe
  • First and foremost, RATIONAL was onboarding Salesforce as their new CRM platform. As Geopointe is an application available on Salesforce AppExchange, it would easily integrate with Salesforce.
  • The Google Places search functionality available directly on the Geopointe map was a highly desirable feature for their team’s need to find new leads.
  • Geopointe’s Nearby Search allows the service team to find technicians near an Account requiring attention.
  • One of Geopointe’s core features, routing and routing optimization, was a significant improvement to their previous method of having to manually type addresses one-by-one into a mapping tool to create routes.
  • Geopointe’s extensive layering functionality makes it possible to layer multiple data sets on the map for easy data visualization.
The Results
  • Sales managers are more efficient in their trip planning and trips. They are able to quickly plan their routes and find the locations nearest one another to reduce travel time as much as possible.
  • Sales managers can also easily populate planned routes/visits to their calendars via Geopointe’s Calendar-Based Scheduling.
  • The team utilizes Geopointe filtering and layering functionality to find customers to visit based on specific criteria near a route they have already planned. Geopointe provides transparency and helps plan visits more efficiently and effectively.
  • Sales managers can easily search for businesses near their planned visit that do not already exist as an Account in their Salesforce instance. They can then create a new lead directly from the Geopointe map.
  • The marketing team can easily send mass, automated email invitations to Accounts sales managers are planning to visit based on their location.
  • The availability of accurate distance calculations enables their team to provide accurate reimbursements.
Recommendations for others considering Geopointe
  • Data quality is key – if information is missing from your Salesforce records, you will be missing information (Account details, address details, etc.) when utilizing Geopointe .
  • Ensure proper training and follow up is rolled out to users. We all know change can be hard, so to set your team up for success, make sure they are trained and follow up to confirm the training was adequate enough for them to feel confident using Geopointe.

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