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Quincy Compressor Success Story


Bay Minette, AL

Quincy Compressor Improves Outside Sales Team Processes with Geopointe.

Quincy Compressor manufactures and sells the highest quality rotary screw and reciprocating air compressors and vacuum pumps. Quincy products are used around the world in manufacturing plants, hospitals, climate control systems and any application which requires reliable air assistance. Quincy Compressor’s reputation for quality dates back to 1920.

The Challenges
  • The outside sales team’s role includes prospecting, one of the hardest parts of being a salesperson. They are tasked with finding new business within their territories. 
  • The Marketing Department undertakes the role of creating business processes; the process for creating routes to the outside sales team was lacking organization.
  • Lack of direct insights into territory productivity, such as being able to see if accounts/opportunities were being touched, when renewals were coming up, and more.
  • Absence of a tool that would allow them to maximize their time in the field (last minute meeting cancellations, extra time available between scheduled appointments).
Why Geopointe
  • Geopointe’s powerful searching and routing tools provides a solution to finding prospects along a route and/or nearby a specific location.  
  • Calendar-Based Scheduling provides sales team members with the ability to upload events and create a route on the Geopointe map in Salesforce.
  • Users have the ability to optimize their routes in Geopointe, minimizing time behind the wheel. They are even able to optimize based on typical traffic conditions, which is most beneficial for sales people whose territories are in cities more prone to traffic as an obstacle in their travels. 
  • Geopointe gives the Quincy Compressor team the ability to create shapes for each rep’s territory, which is based on ZIP codes, and find opportunities/accounts that haven’t been visited in a certain amount of time, have a service renewal coming up, assets on the account that might be out of warranty, etc.
The Results
  • Outside sales team members are able to maximize their time out in the field with better routing.
  • Sales people are able to improve their prospecting efforts by using the Geopointe map to  find prospects and opportunities in the vicinity of a planned route. When they find they have extra time available in their day, they can pull up the map and search for prospects/opportunities who are nearby or along the route to their next meeting.  
  • Users can flag accounts that haven’t been visited or had opportunities created in the last 90 days, 180 days, etc. to ensure accounts are getting the attention they deserve.
  • Geopointe is part of the training for new sales people, this leads to quick adoption of Geopointe as part of their sales tech stack as they are able to quickly understand how it benefits them. 
Recommendations for others considering Geopointe
  • Make Geopointe part of new hire training for roles that will be using it. Train on both the basics but also the additional functionality (routing, calendar, ability to search data sets, etc). The sooner they see the power of the tool, the sooner they’ll adopt it into their daily routine.
  • Reduce technical debt by setting up territories using Geopointe shapes (if this is part of your sales team structure) so you can analyze areas you may be missing. This also saves time when trying to hone in on specific territories on the map. Rather than pulling up data from outside the territory and then having to remove it, you can easily pull up data in specific territories.
  • Routing and calendar is key for outside sales roles. The ability to manage routing and keep a calendar synced with your Salesforce data can increase a sales rep’s ability to fulfill their role efficiently and quickly.

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