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ISN Success Story

Government, Professional Services

Bethesda, Maryland

ISN operates at peak performance with Geopointe

“Geopointe opens up the world to us. It really keeps us running at peak performance.”

– Will Wang, Deputy Project Manager, ISN


ISN is the global leader in contractor and supplier management. The company takes pride in leading efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of contractor management systems. And with 400+ hiring clients supporting 60,000 contractors and suppliers in more than 75 countries worldwide, every extra step adds up to valuable time and money. As the need for a geomapping solution grew, ISN grappled with the classic software dilemma: build or buy?

The Challenge
  • Working with government agencies, ISN is always under pressure to achieve peak efficiency for its network of hiring companies and independent contractors.
  • They needed a customizable geomapping solution for travel routes, geostamping, assignment tracking, and analytics.
  • The company first sought to build its own system internally, but the resulting solution involved too many limitations, not enough support, and no analytics.
Why Geopointe?
  • ISN chose Geopointe for its powerful feature set, analytic capabilities, and integration with Salesforce – all at a lower price point than building internally.
  • Geopointe could make an immediate impact at ISN by maximizing contractor routes, saving valuable time and miles to increase efficiency.
  • ISN also found the Geopointe support team helpful and proactive, responding immediately to a case log and following up after completion.
The Results
  • With Geopointe, ISN reps can now complete a site visit in 1.8 hours – down from 2.3 hours before; with 40,000 site visits per year, this time savings adds up to thousands of dollars.
  • Geopointe has been so successful in ISN’s contracts with the USDA and FDA, the company is ready to implement in its work with the U.S. Marshal Service.
  • ISN is also looking to build its own mobile app to take further advantage of Geopointe’s mapping, routing, and analytics capabilities.
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