Mobile Enhancements: Group/Profession Editions, Optimization, and more

We are very excited about our newest Geopointe Mobile updates. Many of these changes have been in progress for a long time, and we hope their inclusion pleases our customers and makes the mobile app that much more useful. Updated for both iOS and Android, the most noticable changes are listed below, as well as anticipated future development:

Group and Professional Edition Support – We are very excited to announce that we can support all of our customers on the mobile app! Geopointe Mobile is a free extension of the Salesforce web application, and gives you the ability to search and view routes while on the road. It is available for download both in the App Store and the Play Store.

Speed Improvements – In order to support Group and Professional Editions, we had to rewrite the way we communicated with Salesforce. As a result, we were able to optimize that process and speed up the application in general.

Route to Google Maps – For iOS users, when sending a route location to your navigation app, Geopointe Mobile will recognize whether you have Google Maps installed. It will then offer the choice of Apple Maps or Google Maps. We would like to support more navigation applications in the near future. If you have a navigation app you use, let us know and we will consider adding it to the list of supported apps.

Optimize Routes – One of the most popular routing features on the web version is optimization. We’ve now brought it to mobile for when building routes on the fly. The app sequences from your current location to the last location in your list. We will be enhancing this to be more flexible in the future.

Add Current Location to Routes – You can now touch your current location point and add that location into your route list. Coming soon will be the ability to do this with a pin you drop at any location.

Sandbox Support – The login screen now offers the ability to switch to a Sandbox connection. All you have to do is touch the settings icon next to the login button and switch on the Sandbox connection. We have not yet made this work for Single Sign On sandbox users, but this is also something we plan to fix soon.

Again, we are very excited about this changes and enhancements, and hope this improves the mobile experience for all of our customers.

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