Assignment Areas

Territory Management for Salesforce

Saleforce Mobile Ready

Natively built into Salesforce, users have access to valuable Salesforce data on the map while in the field.

Geographic Analysis

Improve territory management with balanced territories and drive more revenue with map-based visualization.

Customizable & Flexible

Expertly handles the varied business processes of every industry, and can be tailored to your company’s needs.

Assignment Territories

Geopointe gives admins the power to define territories based upon shapes on a map, drawn or constructed from our library of geographic shapes and include ZIP codes, states, counties, cities, etc. Once territories are defined on the map, Geopointe can assign records based on which territory they fall in.


“Geopointe has turned me into a hero. This app has allowed us to leverage our Salesforce data in ways our team only dreamed of.”

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