Google Maps for Salesforce
Zoominfo Data mapped
We’ve been buzzing around the office for months now anticipating this latest release that will add a tremendous amount of value to businesses using Geopointe inside Salesforce. Beginning Tuesday, March 21st, the latest Geopointe features will be available on AppExchange to manually update your system. So what are these exciting new features you ask? The list...
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Slam dunk with Geopointe
March is upon us and university alumni across the United States are pulling out their team jerseys and foam fingers in preparation for the madness that will ensue, March Madness that is. March Madness is an annual tournament consisting of 67 non-stop, elimination games between the top ranked NCAA basketball teams in the nation. Every year...
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geo location data for businesses
Location-based strategies is not new, however, it is growing in popularity as more and more businesses are discovering the value it delivers. Businesses across all markets including retail, e-commerce, and B2B are exploiting location data to make more informed business decisions, ultimately driving overall strategy that delivers competitive advantages they never had before. According to the...
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  It must be summer rerun season because they are even letting the sales team write blog posts! Here are my Top 10 favorite use cases for Geopointe to improve productivity  using Geopointe: 1. Visualize your business/territory Map accounts, opportunities, donors, custom objects and my valuable insight by querying across any of your Salesforce records or...
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