Geographic data
routing for healthcare companies
Although the Healthcare industry is divided into a variety of sectors, each sector’s underlying goal remains the same: improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities. This is a tall order, requiring organizations to look outside the box to address the needs in an ever-changing landscape. Whether your Healthcare and Life Sciences organization is focused on devices, hospice, diagnostics, research, pharma, rehabilitation,...
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Gold Partner Logo
We are pleased to share that Geopointe, the number one rated geolocation application on the Salesforce AppExchange, has been named by Salesforce as a Gold Partner. This achievement further illustrates our commitment to the Salesforce platform, it’s growing ecosystem and the customers they serve around the world.  Geopointe is focused on improving the Salesforce user experience by filling...
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demographics layer with heat map
Measuring customer sentiment is a critical aspect to ensuring your organization is delivering awesome customer service. More importantly, when your business appropriately leverages customer satisfaction data to make informed decisions, you can also improve your bottom line! Internet Creations developed the mobile-friendly, 100% native Simple Survey for Salesforce app to enable your organization to quickly...
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