data mapping
Slam dunk with Geopointe
March is upon us and university alumni across the United States are pulling out their team jerseys and foam fingers in preparation for the madness that will ensue, March Madness that is. March Madness is an annual tournament consisting of 67 non-stop, elimination games between the top ranked NCAA basketball teams in the nation. Every year...
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Search and Analyze Data
Geopointe’s visual capabilities make your Salesforce data shine, either on its own or when paired with other data. To help give you ideas for how your company may use Geopointe, here are a few possible maps you can create with our basic functionality. Color your data in a way that will be useful to you at a quick...
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As we launch into another new year, we reflect on 2015 and feverishly plan for the year(s) ahead.  Some of us may want to spend more time basking in the success from the past year, but others may be ready for a fresh, new start with new possibilities and new budgets. But what does success...
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