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DenMat Success Story


Lompoc, California

DenMat Scales Their Sales Process Amidst Monumental Growth.

“Years ago, I was driving valuable equipment for long hours to meet one or two customers. We weren’t seeing continuity and reps were jumping around to chase leads. We didn’t have anything, and then Geopointe came our way.”

– Andrew Aradi, Director of North American Sales, DenMat



DenMat Holdings, LLC manufactures high-quality dental products for dentists and dental patients around the world. Founded in 1974, DenMat services over 86,000 dentists in the U.S. and offers products in 115 foreign countries. When they hit an inflection point after a major acquisition, DenMat’s customer-base grew exponentially overnight, and they needed a solution to streamline their sales process.
The Challenges
  • After acquiring a major competitor in 2014 and opening DenMat UK in 2015, the company needed a data-driven sales solution to accommodate the overnight increase in clientele and the corresponding demand.
  • Two-hour drives to see one or two customers was costly and inefficient. They needed a way to optimize daily sales routes to give their sales team more time with customers and less time on the road. 
  • Sales reps were using different CRMs and routing solutions or none at all. They needed to consolidate their process within Salesforce and Geopointe.
  • Key accounts were all around them, but they needed a way to find them in the field and add them to routes.
Why Geopointe?
  • Andrew Aradi was the first on his team to use Geopointe and built an extremely successful sales process on it. After being promoted to Director of North American Sales, he trusted Geopointe to produce similar success for his entire team.
  • The Routing & Optimization functionalities offered by Geopointe allowed them to optimize sales routes to reach more prospects in less time.
  • Geopointe’s ease-of-adoption for new employees made it appealing for a company with such exponential growth.
  • Geopointe’s Territory Management capabilities allowed them to get an exact idea of how adequately they were staffed.
  • The Check-in & Check-out feature gave management added visibility to report against.
  • Geopointe’s ability to fill in cancellations through the Salesforce mobile app helped them book more meetings per day.

“It’s proof of concept that your product [Geopointe] works! It’s excellent for territory management.”

The Results
  • In 2016, DenMat’s North American sales team averaged 30 visits per week using Geopointe!
  • In 2017, they averaged 55 visits per week (5 more visits per day than in 2016).
  • Since the widespread adoption, each new sales rep has closed at least one sale on their first day.
  • DenMat’s North American sales team implemented a comprehensive sales strategy and sales process with the use of Geopointe on Salesforce.
  • With less hands-on assistance needed, the Director of North American Sales can focus on high-level items and strategic initiatives.
  • Each sales rep now maps their own routes prior to the start of every week.

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