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Agendia Success Story


Orange County, California

Agendia uses Geopointe to personalize cancer care.

“Geopointe and SpatialKey are a must for any organization that needs detailed spatial analysis. As cliché as it sounds, the only thing I regret was not subscribing sooner.”

– James Garfield, Salesforce Analyst, Agendia


Agendia’s mission is simple in its complexity: to improve the quality of life for cancer patients through molecular diagnostics. They take a one patient at a time approach, personalizing the treatment options in what can feel like a chaotic time. As a diagnostic lab, the company must capitalize on advanced technology as much as possible, yet they always seek new ways to humanize their services – and that’s where Geopointe comes in.

The Challenge
  • Despite its rapid growth, Agendia had no reliable way to identify areas in need of diagnostic cancer care.
  • The fast-growing sales team needed input on how to structure and realign territories.
  • With the sales team doubling in size, management also sought guidance on where to place new locations and hires.
Why Geopointe?
  • Agendia choose Geopointe and SpatialKey for their mapping and analytics capabilities within the Salesforce solution they already owned.
  • Salesforce data combined with Geopointe’s efficiency would allow Agendia to solve its initial challenges in days.
  • Geopointe’s filters, demographics, and overlay maps could easily isolate target areas in need of diagnostic care centers.
The Results
  • Within a few days, Agendia had custom-crafted new regions and territories based on data that already existed in Salesforce.
  • The powerful Geopointe-SpatialKey combo gives Agendia new capabilities for analyzing map data, tracking trends, and projecting growth.
  • Agendia now uses SpatialKey daily to track market share, order volume, champion customers, quota, and forecast data – all in a single intuitive and highly customizable interface.
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