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Mapping in Salesforce 

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  • Gain actionable geographic insights from your Salesforce data 
  • Utilize routing optimization and scheduling tools
  • Improve productivity and optimize business processes with Performance Scorecards

Why Geopointe?

#1 Geolocation Application

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Geopointe has enriched the businesses of over 1,800 customers.

1,800+ Happy Customers

"Geopointe is a great addition to our org as it helps our sales users visualize their current projects, and allows for easy duplicate checking based on location. We utilize Geopointe in multiple places on our sales users home page in order to show where all current projects are, and also to show where projects currently are in relevance to the users current location.

This helps us tremendously because when site visits are coming up for projects, our users can find an area where they can visit multiple in a day, and use Geopointe to route those out and send the directions straight to their device. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to make their sales users lives easier."

Thomas Yimet, Application Support Analyst Ozinga

"I had the pleasure of comparing Geopointe to another mapping tool, and while the functionality is similar, Geopointe's map data loading time is much faster. You have a number of options on who you want data sets to render, and you can see much more diversity in data without having to create a separate data set for each variation.

But more important than that, I couldn't ask for a better support team in Rudy Ornelas, Rob Brown and Ben Gibbs. Rudy, my Customer Success Manager, and Rob Brown, my Account Manager, have made being a Geopointe customer an easy experience. They are willing to listen to my needs, help train my team, keep me up to date on new features, and give me insight on new uses for the tool. In addition, Ben Gibbs has been instrumental in helping us customize Geopointe to our specific, unique--and probably troublesome--needs! It's a great team to work with!"

Crystal Turner, Director of Sales Operations

Trader Interactive

Solutions for

Trip Planning & Route Optimization

Calendar-Based Scheduling

Territory Management

Lead Routing

Targeted Campaigns

Live Vehicle & Asset Tracking

In the Know

Do I have to be on Salesforce to use Geopointe?

Yes, as a native Salesforce application Geopointe is  currently only available for users utilizing Salesforce as their CRM.

What is the minimum license count required?

There is a 3 license minimum for Geopointe.

Do you offer discounts to 


Yes! A Geopointe team member can provide more details to the discounted pricing for non-profits.

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