Geopointe Joins Ascent Group Portfolio of Sales Performance Management Solutions


Q. What is the relationship between The Ascent Group and Geopointe?
  • Geopointe joins the Ascent Group Portfolio of Sales Performance Management solutions. Ascent will be actively involved as majority owners providing Geopointe with operational and strategic advice supporting Geopointe’s mission.

Q. What is Ascent Group?
  • The Ascent Group (Ascent) is a technology investment firm focused on the enterprise software industry. Ascent was founded by Larry Leinweber and David Leinweber in January of 2016 after successfully merging New World Systems with Tyler Technologies. The team has a track record of building, growing, and scaling software and technology platforms in the Business-to-Business market space. For more information, visit ascentgroupmi.com.

Q. Why did Geopointe decide to join Ascent?
  • Geopointe is committed to meeting the increasing requirements from customers and prospects as the demand for geolocation technology continues to grow. Ascent will provide Geopointe with its strategic and operational expertise to accelerate the company’s mission. Ascent is also the primary owner of LevelEleven, a leading Sales Management System for Salesforce.

Q. What is LevelEleven?
  • LevelEleven is a cloud-based Sales Management System for Salesforce that helps modern sales organizations motivate their sales teams, define their key selling behaviors for reps, and reinforce those behaviors with consistent data-driven coaching. LevelEleven is also a member of Ascent portfolio. Geopointe and LevelEleven have entered into a formal partnership to build the next generation of Sales Performance Management software. For more information, visit leveleleven.com.

Q. How is the acquisition expected to impact the development of Geopointe?
  • Ascent fully supports Geopointe’s mission and looks forward to building the next generation of sales performance management solutions in combination with LevelEleven. Geopointe’s development team will continue to focus on product innovation that addresses the needs of current and prospective customers.

Q. Should Geopointe customers expect changes?
  • While the acquisition is a significant milestone in our history, Geopointe customers should not expect any day-to-day changes. We have worked very hard to ensure our customers, partners and prospects receive a positive and intimate experience.

Q. How will the partnership impact Geopointe partners?
  • This partnership represents an exciting milestone for Geopointe that we’d like to celebrate with our partners. Access to Ascent’s industry expertise will be invaluable to Geopointe’s continued growth which will further support our partners as well. There are no plans to modify existing agreements at this time.

Q. Will the Geopointe leadership and employees remain in place?
  • Geopointe CEO and founder, Scott Hemmeter, will continue to be CEO and the entire team of employees will remain in place. No changes are planned at this time.

Q. Are there any action items required for existing customers?
  • Customers will be asked to update some of their billing information and remit future payments to Geopointe LLC. We will be communicating this, along with an updated W9 file, to our billing contacts. No additional changes will be required.

Q. How will this acquisition benefit Geopointe and its customers?
  • This new partnership will enable Geopointe customers to leverage LevelEleven’s sales management solution to motivate, manage, and coach their teams more effectively via personalized scorecards, live TV broadcasts, contest automation, and data-driven sales coaching. With an integrated end-to-end sales solution, customers can benefit from the enhanced performance of their sales team. Substantial integrations between the two partners are expected in 2018.

Q. Does Ascent believe in Geopointe’s vision?
  • Yes. Ascent shares Geopointe’s vision in enabling sales, marketing and service teams with the best in breed technology solutions that allow them to streamline efficiencies and improve productivity. As a member of Ascent’s portfolio of Sales Performance Management solutions, Geopointe will benefit from both strategic and operational expertise to accelerate the company’s mission to provide businesses with the absolute best geolocation solution on the market.

Q. Will there be a change in pricing?
  • No. All customer commitments remain in place and there will be no changes to the working relationship. And there are no pricing changes planned based on this transaction.

Q. How can I learn more or ask questions?
  • We invite you to reach out to your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager with any additional questions or concerns. You can also contact us directly from our website.