How to Best Navigate Salesforce AppExchange

How to best navigate salesforce appexchange

Whether you’ve just started your journey with Salesforce or your organization has been utilizing it for the last 20 years, the use of applications (“apps”) within Salesforce can be daunting. In fact, many users don’t utilize the Salesforce AppExchange to its full potential of solving their business challenges. 

Searching the AppExchange can be overwhelming to say the least. With 5,000 solutions available, a simple search could keep you busy for days. Below we’ve provided some great resources to help you find the best app to fit the business needs of your organization.

Customer Reviews

The AppExchange is filled with reviews from real users who have had hands-on experience with the app. Many companies look to these reviews to make the most informed purchasing decisions — tried, true, and trusted is always a safe bet. 

One great way to navigate the Salesforce AppExchange is to filter and sort your search by rating. That way, you can narrow your top contenders down to the ones with the best chance for success. You’ll want to be on the lookout for apps with a large amount of reviews so you can read customer testimonials for yourself to help make your decision easier.

Geopointe AppExchange Reviews

Ask for Referrals

Don’t be afraid to ask others in your professional circle what apps they use and why. While you might be in different industries or fields, there is always a chance your teams have the same basic business needs.

Also ask team members whom you know used Salesforce in previous roles. They have valuable hands-on experience that could be extremely helpful when trying to find apps for your team.

Listen to the Experts

Tech bloggers and Salesforce experts are all over the internet. There are a number of resources available that highlight apps Salesforce experts use and recommend. 

One of these resources is produced by Salesforce Ben, who curates content all about the best of the best when it comes to Salesforce. This website often provides definitive guides to the best apps available for roles and industries.

For example, a recent article lists an assortment of the best AppExchange apps for sales users. It gives a breakdown of what the app is and why you need it. These guides are extremely informative and provide first-hand insight into what the Salesforce experts have to say about purchasing decisions, which has never been more important.

Hire a Consultant

Your team might not have the bandwidth or expertise needed to research and purchase the best apps for your organization. That’s OK! In fact, there is an industry full of experts available for you to hire to help take care of the things that might be beyond your purview.

You can even find a list of consulting partners right on the AppExchange!

Take a Test Drive

A number of apps offer a test drive or free trial for a set period of time. This gives you and your team a chance to install it in your Salesforce instance and really see how it works.

Geopointe Test Drive on AppExchange

Once you find an app (or maybe a few) you think might work and your team is ready to test, just click the Test Drive button to install. Of course, since these test drives do have an end date, be sure your team will actually have the time before they begin. 

Some apps will also provide links at the bottom of their listing that can help you out. Documentation like “Install Instructions” and “Initial Setup” Instructions can get you started in the app.

Next Steps

Put your learning to the test with the AppExchange listing for Geopointe. You can read through hundreds of reviews about the solution that so many find success with.

The Geopointe AppExchange listing also contains helpful documentation and wonderful resources to get started, including a test drive.