Territory Re-Assessment & Trip Planning

As an outside field sales or service rep, you haven’t been traveling lately. This creates the perfect time to take a good look at your territory and re-assess your priorities. 

To do this it’s important to analyze where you’ve been spending your time and energy. This is simple with Geopointe which gives you the ability to easily analyze your territory at a glance. After all, travel WILL resume one day, do you know where you’ll be headed? Get a head start on planning your next trip with Geopointe.

Looking Back on the Year – Territory Re-assessment 

Before your trip planning can begin, look at your performance compared to your goals. It’s important to periodically assess your goals and the start of a new quarter is the perfect time to do so. Compare your performance to your goals and see if things need to be adjusted. Maybe your goals have changed with the social and professional environment. Find this out by seeing where your activity was on the map. Do any areas need more attention? Easily see this using heat maps!Territory Reassessment Trip Planning feature image heatmaps heat mapping UI

Where to? – Trip Planning & Execution

Effortlessly plan a trip around a big meeting 
When going on a trip to visit a customer or prospect, it’s important to maximize your time and company funds by setting an anchor meeting and then exploring additional meeting opportunities nearby to fill your time. Quickly finding nearby accounts, opportunities, and leads to make your trip as productive and efficient as possible is simple with Geopointe’s geographic searching capabilities!

Scheduling – Routing

After setting your anchor meeting and identifying where your targets reside on the map, use Geopointe’s routing and optimization capabilities to create more targeted routes and visit more clients per day. Routes can be built from any mappable data (Salesforce, Google, or any address) and reps are able to manage up to 100 stops per route, get Google directions, and even optimize travel!Territory Reassessment Trip Planning - routing route planner featureFurthermore, reps can create optimized route plans days, weeks, and even months in advance with Geopointe’s Route Planner. Simply set your travel preferences and Geopointe will intelligently schedule optimized route plans telling you which accounts to visit and when. 

Fill in cancellations on-the-go

Last-minute cancellations happen, but, with Geopointe, you’re prepared! From the Salesforce mobile app, you can locate other accounts nearby and fill in those last-minute cancellations on the road. This goes back to making sure your trips are as productive as possible and with the recent lapse in visits, there are plenty of extra stops to be chosen from.Territory Reassessment Trip Planning - route plan fill in calendar gaps mobile appointment schedulingLog your notes and follow-up

Mobile users can use Geopointe to check-in and out of their stops while in the field, include any relevant notes while they are top of mind, saving time and improving the accuracy of data. This allows reps and managers to stay up to date on progress with prospects and keep a pulse on where deals fall in their pipeline. For additional follow-up purposes, add these check-ins to a campaign for follow up either from the rep or the marketing team.

Although it’s not happened yet, field sales and services representatives will eventually be getting back into the field. No matter how soon that happens, it’s important to be prepared in advance and Geopointe helps you do just that!

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