5 Ways to use Geopointe to Prospect Remotely

With widespread temporary remote working policies, you are likely working from home and so are your customers and prospects. Although this situation can pose difficulties, especially if you’re normally a field sales or service representative, this is a great time to put your location data to good use and prospect remotely. 

Remote work means your customers and prospects will be in or around the location you have associated with them in your CRM, creating many remote prospecting opportunities. As long as you reach out with empathy and solutions to real problems, there are still connections to be made. Below you’ll find five ways to use Geopointe to prospect remotely and help you adjust to this new remote landscape.

  1. Plan your day with the Geopointe Shape Library
    The Geopointe Shape Library includes predefined boundaries such as countries, time zones, and time zone bands. Additionally, it provides more fine-grained boundaries in certain countries such as USPS ZIP Codes or provinces/territories in Canada.Sales reps can use these shapes to determine when to contact prospects and customers. For example, utilize time zone shapes to know when the optimal time is to reach out to a contact, helping to divide your day.

    1. Filter data sets by activity to prioritize your time

    Looking to gain insight into which records need more attention? Filtering your data sets by last activity can be used alongside shapes to help narrow down which prospects to contact even further. 

    With a combination of cross-object filters and smart dates, you can filter data sets by upcoming events or activity history, painting a picture of the customer journey to gain insight into which records need the most attention. 

    For example, if you created the time zone shape mentioned above, you could then use a filter to find which contacts had not had any activity on their record in the last six months. Bringing to light which records need the most attention at which point in the day.

    1. Put your data on the map to communicate the right message 

    Now that you have your data on the map and filtered to see which opportunities you should focus on, time to decide on the message. Geopointe’s mapping abilities allow you to tailor your message by level of inactivity, title, company size, and more acting as yet another ‘layer’ on our map we created above. Tools like Salesforce Engage allow sales reps to effortlessly build tailored campaigns with approved marketing content and send it when the time is right.

    1. Stay motivated with Performance Scorecard

    So you know how to use Geopointe to plan your day, prioritize your time, and deliver the right message but how do you know if you’re on pace to hit your goals? Using Geopointe’s Performance Scorecard powered by LevelEleven, sales teams are more productive and reps are inspired to achieve more. 

    Performance Scorecard helps motivate a rep’s remote prospecting activities as they can see in real-time if they are on track to hit their goals. If prospecting is a huge initiative for the team during this temporary remote period, a good idea is to build scorecard metrics that are in line with that goal such as live connects or finding new accounts on the map.

    Performance Scorecard allows the team to stay connected and up to date by displaying live stack ranking of team performance to add an edge of friendly competition – may the best prospector win! 

    1. Uncover new accounts and take action directly from the map

    Geopointe makes your data actionable. Actions, like exporting, adding to a campaign and creating leads from the map, are built-in and it’s easy to create your own. 

    Let’s say you have uncovered new prospects in your territory. With Geopointe, you can create leads right from the map, add them to a campaign, and begin your prospecting efforts with just a few clicks of your mouse!

    Although temporary remote work has transformed the world of sales and service, reps have tools such as Geopointe at their fingertips to help the transition go smoothly. Use the five tips above to prospect remotely and best utilize your time as an inside sales rep!

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