The Importance of Mobile Data Collection for Consumer Goods, Manufacturing and Healthcare

Data collection is key to running a successful operation, and mobile data collection in consumer goods, manufacturing and healthcare can promote efficiency and better communication between health professionals and their patients, field reps and their clients, and management as a whole. In addition, the successful use of Geopointe relies on the quality of data that companies have collected within Salesforce. 

Many companies are making data collection a priority, and striving for better processes to capture valuable information. With proper data collection methodology and exploring more mobile options, organizations can increase the quality and quantity of their data, uncovering more insights using Geopointe that will ensure their business continues to run at peak performance. 

Consumer Goods

Organizations in the consumer goods industry need to be collecting consumer data to improve customer experience, refine their selling strategy, and even to sell the information they capture. 

One of the simplest ways to collect this type of data is through sales service reps in the field. A mobile data collection app can allow reps to access forms that guide their face-to-face conversations with a customer. When they obtain valuable information, they can easily input that info into fields within the form, which is then stored in a CRM system such as Salesforce and organized for analysis. 

Whether the form contains information about the quality of service, the goods themselves, or company information, this process is imperative to businesses, turning field data collection into valuable knowledge. Geopointe can be used to give organizations the big picture using advanced visualization and filtering capabilities to identify trends and patterns within the collected data.


It is widely known that any manufacturing process must include data collection. From stock levels to shipping dates, the information collected helps keep a manufacturing plant running smoothly and efficiently. 

It’s important to recognize when the methods of data collection have been outgrown or can be improved to run a plant more efficiently. Data entry across the organization should be able to be completed from the same app or source, not with multiple programs or processes. This ensures that the data can be easily compared and analyzed from Salesforce.

The ability to have staff enter data on-the-go from a mobile phone or tablet is a great advantage that promotes proper data entry through convenience. The easier you make the data entry for employees, the more likely they will do it correctly. In a growing organization, a clean, scalable mobile data collection method is imperative to keeping your manufacturing processes running smoothly.

In addition to searching and analyzing the collected data, you can use Geopointe to route leads or cases to service technicians by territory, optimize routes to visit distributors, and even validate distribution, sales and service team locations and duration of time spent on site with mobile check-in functions. Geopointe can be an integral part of mobile data collection enablement as well as its analysis.


A field data collection platform for mobile healthcare and home care can encourage efficient communication between doctors and patients, and increases the overall quality of patient care. Data security and government regulation compliancy are challenges of data collection in the healthcare industry, but well-designed forms can help ensure compliance, streamline processes and free up time for health professionals to see more patients. 

A mobile data capture solution can ensure that information is being recorded in a timely manner, and when an organization builds their forms internally, changes can be managed easily as well throughout all departments. Geopointe can help organizations optimize home care routes to ensure patients are visited in the most efficient and prompt manner, as well as validate caregiver’s location and duration on-site with geolocation stamped check-in functions for easy billing compliance. 

Proper data entry and collection will eventually make or break an organization, and has the potential to impact its overall strategy if implemented correctly. Geopointe relies on data collection to uncover insights for businesses, so in order to harness its full power, proper data collection must be a priority. We strive to be a solution that organizations in these industries can use to enable and scale their data collection (with features such as check-ins), so that organizations can reap the benefits of its analysis with Geopointe.

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