Dreamforce 2019 Sessions by Industry

Salesforce has been doubling down on building specialized solutions for individual industry verticals.  This has resulted in Dreamforce 2019 sessions specifically for the four industries we know and serve the most at Geopointe ?— manufacturing & consumer goods, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, and telecommunications. Individual companies and professionals are all on the hunt for materials specific to them, so we’ve decided to help out. 
If you’re looking for industry-specific information during your time at Dreamforce 2019, look no further! We have gathered the best Dreamforce sessions for the 4 verticals above to help you get the most out of Salesforce’s biggest event of the year. If you’d like to see a list of ALL industry-specific sessions head on over to the Dreamforce sessions page and search by industry on the left side of the page.

Manufacturing & Consumer Goods

Keynote: Manufacturing, Auto, & Energy Keynote: Transform Your Digital Operating Model
Attend this Keynote to learn about how manufacturing, along with auto and energy companies can capture a larger market share by staying ahead of the curve and building a flexible digital business strategy. Learn how Engie, BMW, and Kawasaki are changing their operations and reorienting their businesses around the needs of their customers. Deloitte will also offer best practices for a digital operating model. You’ll learn how to bring together the new Manufacturing Cloud and innovation in analytics, AI, integration, and more from across the Salesforce Customer 360 to drive more predictability for planning in your business. Find out more here!
Consumer Goods Keynote: Unlock Agility And Relevance In Your Value Chain
Our top Dreamforce 2019 session for consumer goods includes trailblazer speakers like Frito-Lay and Shiseido, who will talk about how consumer goods companies can leverage their digital transformation efforts to improve their entire value chain and deliver a flawless experience across all business functions. From connecting the consumer experience with relevant marketing or staying agile in the route to market for traditional and D2C channels, you’ll hear how the Salesforce Customer 360 is unlocking organization and ecosystem value across B2B, B2C and B2B2C. Click here to learn more and bookmark this Dreamforce 2019 session.

Financial Services

Keynote: Financial Services Keynote: Accelerate Transformation and Inspire Customer Trust
For an inside look at the evolving global Financial industry, check out this Keynote. See how Salesforce is helping financial services firms maximize opportunity from a digital transformation. Speakers from State Farm and Barclays will share how they are using the Financial Services Cloud to create an all-encompassing view of their customers, and you’ll see how new innovations for mortgage and insurance are ushering in the latest chapter in unified financial services. Good Return will also tell their inspirational story of enabling economic empowerment with help from the Salesforce Customer 360 platform. Click here for more!

Healthcare and Life Science

Keynote: Healthcare & Life Sciences Keynote: Transform Health & Wellness Experiences
Join this Keynote to hear how Salesforce is helping the healthcare and life science industry create the necessary efficiencies, personalize experiences at scale, and connect the many people, systems, and organizations needed to position themselves well for the future. You’ll hear how Johnson & Johnson unites teams on a connected platform to drive better employee and patient engagement, and how NYU Langone Health personalizes the contact center experience. Discover how the Salesforce Customer 360 and Health Cloud bring together advancements in analytics, patient services program management, and account based forecasting and agreements. Get actionable ideas for improving your business and delivering on our shared mission of health and wellness for all. Check it out


Keynote: Communications & Media Keynote: Incumbents Reinvented
Companies in the communications and media industries are setting a new standard for customer experience and undergoing extensive transformations in the age of digitization. Legacy organizations willing to transform their strategies to revolve more around the customer will increase competitiveness and relevance in the market. Learn how leaders from reinvented companies like Visible, Nickelodeon, and WarnerMedia, are bringing together Salesforce innovation to launch new services and create new revenue streams. Learn more here!
Out of 2,700 knowledge-packed Dreamforce 2019 sessions planned, your just read through a few of the most relevant sessions for the top industry verticals we do business with. Now that you’ve planned visits to the best Dreamforce 2019 sessions for your industry, you can take some time to figure out some others you would like to attend that are relevant to your company’s product, theme, or your personal role. 
Dreamforce 2019 is full of opportunity, and with a little planning you can make sure you leave with actionable insights that will impact your future. Check out Geopointe’s Dreamforce page for more information on the event and our booth this year!

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