The 10 Best Sales Books Every Sales Rep Must Read

At Geopointe, we are always striving to help sales reps increase their productivity! We know that some of the most successful people read A LOT, and it’s widely accepted that reading and practicing what you learn can get you to the next level as a salesperson. There are countless sales books in existence, and if you’re like most professionals, you don’t have time to read them all. That’s why we’ve done the reading and research for you, compiling a list of the 10 best sales books that will be the most effective use of your time.
The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon & Brent Adamson. 
These days, everyone in the sales industry is buzzing about The Challenger Sale but there’s a good reason for it; it’s based off of one of the largest studies ever done in sales. It teaches the five different skill/behavior profiles that sales reps tend to fall into, and how one profile, “The Challenger” correlates strongly with the best performance out of even the most skilled reps. This book shares other insights as well relating to the study, and goes into depth about the “Challenger Sales Model” that reps should strive to follow. 
The Challenger Customer by Matthew Dixon & Brent Adamson. 
The Challenger Customer is the sequel to The Challenger Sale, and possibly even more of a must-read than its predecessor. It digs into how, oftentimes, the salesperson must work on the buyer’s inability to come to a buying consensus more often than a salesperson’s needs to work on their ability to sell. Teams today are not just selling solutions, they’re selling change (which, due to human nature, is a tough pill to swallow for many customers). This book explores how to give Challenger reps the tools they need to successfully get customers wanting to buy. 
Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone by Matthew Pollard.
This book is not your typical sales read, but made it on the list because of its unique perspective to selling. Introvert’s Edge explains that introverts do not usually have open personalities and good improvisational skills, which can actually work to their advantage, forcing them to create a step-by-step sales system that works best for them. A seven step process for introverts is then presented that can push any introverted sales rep to be a success. 
The One Minute Salesperson by Spencer Johnson.
This book is a quick read and follows the very interesting story about a salesperson who tries to find the so-called “master of selling”. Along the way, you learn why everyone is born a salesperson, how to envision success to be successful, and how to change your perspective to overcome the difficult work that is selling and find pleasure in your job as a salesperson. This is a great read for anyone who wants to become a top performer and bring in more business. 
How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie.
Although this read is not specific to sales, it is extremely relevant to any sales rep or sales manager. From how to handle different situations and people, to making people like you (which is imperative to selling), to how to persuade someone to think like you, this book covers it all. You will not only learn life skills, but skills that will lead someone to become not just a top performer in sales, but a sales leader as well. Dale Carnegie’s book is packed full of wisdom and advice that could change your life and heighten your emotional intelligence. And so, for these reasons and more, it has made our list of the the 10 best sales books to read.
Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy.
This is arguably one of well known author Brian Tracy’s best books he has written. If you’ve been in sales for some time you may have already come across it or been asked by a manager to read it. The Psychology of Selling gives you actionable insight on how you can make yourself better at selling. You learn how to motivate your subconscious mind, how to boost your confidence and self esteem, and the psychology behind why people buy. These factors and more play a huge role in your ability to sell, and the best way to fully understand how they work is to read this book, and work these insights into your selling strategy. 
SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham.
Spin Selling is based on a large collection of research and analysis of sales scenarios and calls. It delves into the four main questions that reps can ask, and how to build a sales rapport to get the buyer to open up. Rackham also explains the different approach you must take as a rep dealing with smaller versus larger sales. This powerful book can help you strategize and refine your selling techniques to become more successful.
Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer.
If you have difficulty finding the time to read, then this short and sweet book is for you! Its purpose is to cover the psychology of sales, showing that the customer must first accept the salesperson before even considering the solutions. The book gives 12.5 principles that will help individuals successfully improve on selling themselves first, before they can then begin to truly sell the product or service. 
The New Power Based Selling by Jim Holden and Ryan Kubacki.
In The New Power Based Selling, the reader learns about increasing sales success by using the “Power base” methodology, or using key influencers of a company to push a sale through. This book not only helps you recognize the right influencers and gain political advantage, but also how to deliver unexpected value that will propel your success when dealing with decision makers. This book’s powerful message and methodology secures it a spot on our list of best books on sales for reps. 
Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff.
Oren Klaff uses neuroeconomics (the study of how the brain makes economic decisions) to show how you can successfully pitch anything. He teaches three main lessons: Pitch to your audience’s primal, ancient brain, make the prospect chase you, and use “frames” or different points of view to make your point stronger so that your audience makes a gut decision in your favor. This book gives a lot of information on how to best present your ideas, and might cause you to expand your thinking to get the next sale.
It’s important to keep your mind sharp and your skills strong in any sales position. This list of some of the best sales books of all time is a tool that can help bring your selling skills to the next level, so make the best of your time and start reading!