3 Use Cases for Geopointe’s Calendar-Based Scheduling

Field reps are always on the go, relying on their Salesforce calendar to show them when their next appointment is. When they’re in the territory, they want to see as many customers as possible.  But what do they do when they have a gap to fill? Geopointe’s Calendar-Based Scheduling allows field teams to assess their territories and other industry-specific criteria, easily mapping their opportunities based on their schedule to fill in meeting gaps. 

Calendar-Based Scheduling allows you to view your schedule by the day, week, or month (*mobile version only allows for day view) and hone in on a specific day’s schedule and subsequent route. With Calendar-Based Scheduling reps can easily find potential opportunities to add to their schedule, filling up empty gaps of time, and add those appointments to their calendar directly from the Geopointe map.

Wonder how Calendar-Based Scheduling can optimize your organization’s processes? Check out these three use cases for ideas and inspiration:

1) Field Rep – Scheduling before a trip 
Let’s say you are a sales rep who is planning a visit to the Chicago area and have time available on Wednesday that you want to fill. You know Geopointe has always given users the ability to search for nearby accounts to visit, but now you, the rep,  can actually add the meeting to your Salesforce calendar directly from the map.
Here’s a simple walk-through:

  • Click on the calendar tab in the Geopointe legend to view your  Salesforce calendar on the map

  • Search for accounts on the map near area you will be visiting
    • Ex. Search for accounts with the highest ARR
  • You can then use heat mapping to find concentrations of accounts with highest ARR to see if there is a chance to schedule multiple meetings in your schedule
  • Identify who you want to visit
  • Use Geopointe’s “Add to Calendar” Action to add the appointment to the staging area of the calendar
  • Drag and drop to desired time slot on the calendar

2) Field Sales – Scheduling while in the field
As Geopointe is a native Salesforce app, field reps have the ability to access it, as well as Calendar Based Scheduling, while in the field via the Salesforce mobile app (*note, single day view only due to the available screen space). Reps can easily search and add to their calendar just like on desktop, but wait, there’s more!

  • Through the mobile app, users can choose their navigation application of choice when pulling up their route (Waze, Uber, Google Maps)
  • While on mobile, users will find the same action options (as long as they have been configured for your Salesforce instance), like checking in directly from the calendar or route

3) Sales Operations – Add Objects to Salesforce Calendar
Salesforce admin’s have the ability to map different objects to add to your Salesforce calendar, it doesn’t have to just be events. This now opens up a great opportunity for users to be able to create routes for these objects.

In this example, we’ll say you’re an operations manager who oversees a team of field technicians who have inspections set up at various locations. These inspections can then be added to their Salesforce calendar and, as a result, create a route.

Not only that, but let’s say these inspections can also be set up by someone else, like a customer service rep who can view and edit the technicians calendar. The rep is able to see where the technician will be and what time so the rep can then intelligently schedule additional inspections nearby and at times the technicians has available. (*note, certain permissions will need to be set up in Salesforce to allow other users access to an individual user’s calendar)
AND if you’re a Geopointe customer, it’s already in your org…
Admins can set up Calendar-Based Scheduling with a few easy steps using the Event object or any other Salesforce object. Calendar updates automatically write back to your Salesforce environment so you can seamlessly manage your team’s service visits, deliveries and other appointments.

Ready to see how it works? Click below to check out our June 2019 Release Webinar to get a walk through of the new features included with Calendar-Based Scheduling. See the in’s and out’s  and how it can help improve your business processes

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