Geopointe Gives Back – Project Night Night

Meet the Geopointe Team
As the Geopointe team was gearing up for their third quarter sales kickoff, an initiative to incorporate an opportunity to give back during the event was formed.
Helping Homeless Have Sweeter Dreams
Geopointe was honored to have the opportunity to partner with Project Night Night to contribute nearly 40 Night Night Packages towards the 25,000 they provide each year to homeless children.
Each Night Night Package was assembled by a Geopointe team member during the kickoff and included a new tote bag, blanket, stuffed animal and a book. These objects of reliable comfort help reduce trauma and advance the emotional and cognitive well-being of the children who receive them. One of the goals of Project Night Night is to make sure every child who receives one of their packages leaves the shelter owning a book which encourages reading and family bonding, a security blanket which can be cuddled, and a stuffed animal which can become a cherished friend. 

According to a stat provided by Project Night Night, 1 in 30 children will be homeless at some time this year. This is a cause that is near and dear to the hearts of many Geopointe employees and a tragedy we could not ignore.
Geopointe’s Values
While the quarterly kickoff is a time for our team to gather and look at the past few months as well as plan for the upcoming quarter, Geopointe is continually striving for opportunities to partner with Pledge 1% and find a way to give back. “At the core of Geopointe’s culture is the desire to give back,” stated Stephanie Thornton, Geopointe Director of Alliances. “An opportunity to do volunteer work is a constant request from our team and we were excited to not only provide that opportunity but also be able to work closely with such amazing organizations like Project Night Night and Pledge 1%.”
Scott Hemmeter, Geopointe’s CEO and founder, has always supported the vision of philanthropic values within the organization. As part of these values, he initiated Geopointe’s $1 per lead scan donation program at Dreamforce 2017 and has opened Geopointe’s doors to charities in need of a top geolocation solution through Salesforce, offering a special discount to nonprofit organizations.

Powered by Pledge 1%
Pledge 1%, officially established in 2016, is the driving force behind philanthropy in the Salesforce ecosystem. Pledge 1% partners with companies to help them give back through various channels: equity, time, product and/or profit to any charity of their choosing.
As a member of the Salesforce ecosystem, Geopointe cannot express enough appreciation for the opportunities Pledge 1% provides to companies like ours to give back to others. 
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