Geopointe’s June 2019 Release

Our June 2019 release is live! Every 3 – 4 months Geopointe releases new and improved features and functionalities for admins and end-users alike. Read on to see some of the handy new features that can now be used within Geopointe. All updates and new functionalities below are available on the AppExchange.

Geopointe Desktop Experience

Calendar-Based Scheduling

Benefits & Features:

  • View activity with a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly calendar view.
  • The “Add to Calendar” action is available on data set results.
  • Minimize travel time and make sure you’re on time to appointments!

This great new feature gives the user a calendar view of Salesforce data and the ability to view their travel plan for a specified period of time on the map. Calendar-Based Scheduling warns users of scheduling conflicts by highlighting the appointments with scheduling issues. You can view any type of object on the calendar such as site visits, inspections scheduled stops, etc.

Improved “Select All” behavior on Lists

Now selecting all records in a list will not only select all records in that page of results, but also prompt the user to allow for selections of all records in the data set.

Geopointe Mobile Experience

Calendar-Based Scheduling

Calendar-Based Scheduling is also available in the Geopointe Mobile Experience. Now you can click the calendar icon in the lower right corner for a single-day view only. Users can load their day’s information then decide to place the travel plan on the map.

Geopointe Platform

Geopointe Setup Page

We have applied a “Lightning” look and feel to the Geopointe Setup page and implemented a side-tab navigation. More usability changes in the set-up area to come!

U.S. Block Groups in Shape Library

Hooray! We have added more shapes to the Geopointe shape library. We have added census block groups for all 50 states for use in saved shapes, assignment plans and thematic mapping.

Hopefully you get the chance to try out some of Geopointe’s new features from our June release. We regularly update our app to enhance its performance and make it more reliable for you. For a full list and description of our mobile enhancements, please refer to our June 2019 release notes available on the Geopointe Help Site. Watch the release webinar to get a first hand look at the new features!

Want to learn more about Geopointe’s June 2019 release? Watch our webinar covering all of the new specs, features and use cases available to you!

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