Meet the Geopointe Team – Kyle Waller

Today you get a chance to meet one of our Geopointe technical support team members, Kyle Waller!
For some of our current customers out there, you may already have met Kyle and know him as your go-to person with it comes to Geopointe assistance. Read on for a chance to get to know Kyle!
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Check out a few of our AppExchange reviews below to see why Geopointe’s customers love working with Kyle. I mean really, have you ever been referred to as a “godsend”?
For more reviews on Geopointe and our team, visit us on the AppExchange.

“Geopointe comes with great functionality, features and awesome Customer Support (thank you Kyle Waller for being always so very helpful).”
“Love this app, Came from using map anything to using Geopoint and its been an easy an amazing transitioning.  Rudy Ornelas, Ryan Dodge and Kyle Walker have all been great super hands on and super helpful. Thanks!”
“Kyle Waller is a godsend. I needed to set up a SOQL filter on an assignment plan and not having any experience in doing such a thing, I reached out to Geopointe’s Technical Support team. Kyle got back to me the very same day and after a bit of clarification on my part he created and implemented the SOQL filter. He even went a step beyond and set up a second filter that I didn’t even think about that kept our records from getting lost in a loop.  Geopointe, on it’s own, is an amazingly versatile and powerful app but the fact that their support staff is willing to go above and beyond the way Kyle did for me makes it a must have.”

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