Meet the Geopointe Team – Erin Cooper

Meet the Geopointe Team
If you haven’t met Erin Cooper, Team Manager, Customer Success at Geopointe, you are missing out!
And, because we don’t want you to miss out, we asked Erin to answer a few questions so everyone could have the opportunity to get to know her.
Number of years at Geopointe
One of your favorite things about working at Geopointe

Dedicated, caring, goofy, easy-going, and adventurous!
One place you would love to visit but haven’t had a chance to yet
I would love to travel through South America, specifically Brazil and Chile!
To say the least, Erin is a vital team member and we love having her on the Geopointe team, we know our Customer Success team is in great hands!

Would you like to meet more of the awesome Geopointe team? Just click below!

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