Meet the Geopointe Team – Kathy Randinitis

Meet the Geopointe Team
Join us today as we meet the person who has accepted the challenge of keeping our team in line (just kidding, well, kinda), Kathy Randinitis, Human Resources Manager. Kathy took a few minutes to answer a few question to help us get to know her a little better.
Number of years at Geopointe
One of your favorite things about working at Geopointe
Collaborating with interesting, intelligent and fun-loving people that keep me connected and make me feel part of the Geopointe family even though I’m based in our Detroit office!
Five words your friends and family would use to describe you
Creative, helpful, thoughtful listener, positive, meticulous.
One place you would love to visit but haven’t had a chance to yet
Actually two places — Vilnius, Lithuania and the island of Gozo, Malta to see the homelands of my ancestors.

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