ClassPass Streamlines its Global Business Development Process with Geopointe

ClassPass Inc. is a premier digital subscription service that makes finding and booking fitness classes easy and straightforward by providing localized options through their mobile app. They currently operate in 50 cities in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia and have generated 45 million class reservations to date.

With a massive user-base and plans to broaden their service territories, ClassPass has big plans for the future. “The fitness and wellness experience is our core offering, but the vision for the company is that you can use ClassPass to book any soul-nurturing experiences,” said Mike Dooley, Senior Sales Operations Analyst at ClassPass.

Here’s a quick look at ClassPass’ business development process and how Geopointe helped them build their partner network to over 10,000 studios worldwide!

Visualizing Their Territories for High-Level Planning

With 49 different metropolitan statistical areas (MSA) and an inside sales team working out of five different offices across the world, the ClassPass team needed a comprehensive data visualization tool to inform their business development decisions. “At the end of 2017, we were looking to strengthen our share of several of our current markets. So, to do that we needed a great way to visualize our data to understand where we are and where we’re not,” said Mike.

Geopointe proved to be just the tool, according to Mike. “We had some pretty specific ideas in our head regarding use cases. In particular, we wanted to be able to see where our prospects were on one map and where are our current customers were. Geopointe allows us to functionally and seamlessly frame things out by state, metropolitan municipal area or by ZIP code,” said Mike.

ClassPass uses Geopointe to find prospects in areas with high-growth potential, such as the greater Houston area (pictured).

Thematic Maps to Assess Optimal Areas for Growth

ClassPass is aiming to grow their partnerships, focusing on areas near their pre-existing user-bases. “We have a strong network in New York City, so if a new studio is opening in Manhattan, they likely make sense as a partner. But if they’re in upstate New York where we don’t have as strong of a presence yet, it likely doesn’t make sense for us right now as much as increasing the density of studios from the center out does,” said Mike.

Geopointe’s Thematic Maps provided a key use case for this need, allowing ClassPass to strategically grow their partnerships by visualizing their current territories, then expanding out. “We use Thematic Maps to put our prospects over a layer of live accounts to better understand if we’re over a certain threshold of accounts in a ZIP code. If we are, we may look to advertise in different ZIP codes with fewer studios in it. Then we’d aim to grow that ZIP code. If you could imagine a doughnut-shaped wheel of ZIP codes, and the hole in the middle of the doughnut is the ZIP code with fewer studios, and we know that ClassPass users surround that area, we need to grow our network in that area. Geopointe allows us to visualize and expedite that process,” added Mike.

Geo-library to Visualize the Pipeline

In addition to informing their process, ClassPass also needed a quick and centralized tool that allowed them to see where each potential partner stood in the pipeline. As a happy Geopointe user at his previous company and the present Geopointe Administrator for his new team at ClassPass, Mike recalled the visual aid provided by Geopointe’s Marker Customizations.

“We use Geopointe’s marker customizations to visualize our sales pipeline to understand by state where our deals are located. We also use the Geo Library feature for reporting purposes to assess by ZIP code what point in the pipeline we’re at with prospects,” said Mike.

Geopointe’s Mass Updates feature provides ClassPass with a quick solution to address missing data fields in bulk.

Mass Updates Directly from the Map

Beyond providing strong storytelling visuals for their location data, Mike and his team needed the ability to edit that data quickly. Mike commented, “Oftentimes, you have [Salesforce] reports filtering on certain fields, and if they’re missing fields, everything goes haywire. So being able to create a quick data layer that can search and mass update fields in bulk is extremely valuable.”

Fortunately, Geopointe excels at both finding data discrepancies and updating them quickly and efficiently. Mike added, “Using your Data Set Management feature we’re able to find those things easily. If a batch of prospects makes it into Salesforce missing a field, we can map them out and update fields on the fly with Geopointe’s Mass Updates. It’s extremely helpful as an Admin. We can draw a circle and request all the accounts in that area that don’t have an MSA, then verify the addresses, so it all makes sense.”

Assign Leads to Sales Team

With the ability to visualize where inbound leads were coming from and if their target prospects were in those areas, Mike’s team also sought to use that intelligence to optimize their lead distribution process for their sales team. Mike raised the question, “How do we quickly and efficiently reassign or retarget inbound leads in a manner that makes sense for the team?”

Geopointe’s Data Set Management feature provided the solution, saving them approximately 10 hours per week of time on sales operations. “We assess the total value of the prospects then we use Geopointe to create assignments for our team members using custom data layers that we’ve built to understand who needs more new prospects. Per person, we’re aiming to give them 150 to 200 prospects at a time. So, if anyone gets below that’s when we assign them new leads,” said Mike.

ClassPass is growing rapidly, and, like many other Geopointe customers, there are several features they’re still considering implementing. Among them are the Routing and Optimization and Automated Assignments features. Whatever the future holds, Geopointe has certainly made an impact on ClassPass’ present business development processes.

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