How to Boost Your Business with Location Data: Construction

Part 11 | #BoostYourBusiness Series

In construction, process efficiency is a cornerstone of success. As such, companies in the construction industry use location data solutions like Geopointe to streamline their processes. But not every company has made the transition, as some need to visualize the use cases before they can justify the investment. If you’re in this industry but have yet to adopt a location data solution, here’s why you should strongly consider making the move soon!

Track Your Assets in Real-Time

Construction crews have countless moving parts at any given time during a project, and no matter how diligent the project manager is, keeping track of every tractor, crane and forklift in use is nearly impossible, especially on larger projects. Luckily, location data tools provide an answer to this common construction pitfall.

Geopointe’s Live Vehicle and Asset Tracking is tailor-made to streamline construction projects. With different crews constantly being dispatched with different equipment at different times to different locations, this feature can easily identify the current geolocation of construction equipment and, using that real-time location data, direct it to the right project at the correct time, without delay. You can also be alerted when a vehicle is turned on, or an asset is moved during non-operating hours, greatly reducing the risk of theft of your most expensive assets.

Easily Adhere to Local Codes & Regulations

Different regions often have different regulations on construction projects, such as building codes and permitted hours for operating equipment. For companies with numerous construction projects taking place across several geographical regions, adhering to these various regulations can often be burdensome and time-consuming.

Geopointe’s Automated Assignments feature allows you to efficiently ensure that your business processes adhere to local laws and codes. For example, if your construction hours depend on whether the area your working in is a “business” or “residential” zone. Using the Geo Library feature, you could draw territories based on each ZIP code’s specific classification. Then, the Automated Assignment feature could alert you to adjust the operating hours for each job you schedule using those predetermined parameters.

Optimize Construction Equipment Maintenance

Construction equipment is rarely cheap, and keeping valuable vehicles and tools in tip-top shape is a priority. But identifying when construction equipment is in need of routine maintenance isn’t always easy. As a result, equipment often only receives maintenance when it breaks, which can burden a project.

Geopointe’s Live Vehicle and Asset Tracking allows you to automate the maintenance of your valuable assets. For example, if a tractor manufacturer provides a set number of miles it should be used before it receives maintenance. Using Live Vehicle and Asset Tracking, you can monitor each tractor’s miles. Then, using that data, set an automated maintenance schedule for each tractor that adheres to the manufacturer’s instructions. As a result, you’re able to keep your equipment fully operational and decrease budget-burdening project delays.

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