HFO Investment Real Estate Optimizes Their Marketing & Sales Processes with Geopointe


Company: HFO Investment Real Estate, LLC
Industry: Real Estate

The team at HFO Investment Real Estate, LLC are experts in the multi-family home real estate market. HFO helps qualified investors with interest in multi-family homes find the perfect real estate investment options that meet their personal and financial objectives – from private clients looking to make a small investment to large corporations looking to generate major capital.

As a market leader focused on the geographic regions of Washington and Oregon, HFO needed a solution that allowed them to quickly identify key demographics, analyze geographic data and optimize their sales territories.

Geographic Analysis & Reporting

When HFO saw the opportunity to make their Salesforce data more actionable with the help of a geolocation solution, they turned to Geopointe to optimize their process. Once implemented, they immediately saw results using Geopointe’s Geographic Searching & Analysis feature to identify the best areas to call prospects. The ability to run reports directly from the Geopointe map gave them the visibility to see all the properties in specific areas and figure out which neighborhoods met their target audience.

According to HFO Senior Research Analyst, Jennifer Shuch, this feature has been a vital asset. “This continues to be a really important feature for our business because it helps us determine what properties to call or find information about when we are analyzing a property for our clients,” said Jennifer.

Automatically Assign Accounts & Leads

Once HFO’s researchers realized the expansive power of Geopointe’s mapping capabilities, they turned to Geopointe’s Automated Assignments feature to optimize their sales territories and assignment process. Since creating custom searches based on key demographics, HFO has used the results to set account ownerships, run custom workflows, build reports directly from the map and much more. Geopointe gave the research team enough visual aide to more efficiently search for properties and other administrative tasks for their marketing campaigns, which can be a meticulous process.

“I would say Geopointe halves the time it would take us to pull a targeted list of comparable properties when we are doing rental comps,” Jennifer said.

Geographic Searching

HFO’s many services include market research and consulting. So, when one of HFO’s clients – a local chain store owner – was experiencing an uptick in traffic at two locations, he wanted to know the reason. Jennifer was able to turn to Geopointe’s Geographic Searching & Analysis to provide an immediate solution for him.

“I was able to use Geopointe to find all the recently completed multifamily buildings within a half-mile radius of those stores, to show that the population of the neighborhoods had increased substantially over the past year. I was also able to quickly see the number of developments being constructed in those neighborhoods, to demonstrate that the stores would likely continue to see heavy traffic,” said Jennifer.

Territory Analysis

Geopointe’s Geo Library feature came up big when the HFO Partners needed to better understand which territories were being overlooked. Jennifer sat down with each broker and helped identify the areas they were covering. With the help of Geopointe’s zip code searching function, they were able to create and save layers based on the territory each broker described. The result – an efficient method of analyzing and evaluating territories to identify gaps.

“The partners were able to use this information to improve efficiency at the company, and make decisions on whether to hire additional brokers to cover areas we were missing,” said Jennifer.

Endless Possibilities

Geopointe currently supports use cases for HFO’s sales, marketing and services requirements. As HFO continues to expand, Geopointe’s scalable solution will enable the company to build upon their existing use cases for years to come. Stay tuned as we touch-base with new companies across various industries on the Geopointe blog!

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