Geopointe 2017 Recap: New Features You May Have Missed

Geopointe 2017 Recap: New Features You May Have Missed

2017 was an eventful year full of breaking news and memorable moments. Here at Geopointe HQ, things were moving faster than ever, as we introduced a wave of new features to enhance your mapping experience. With so much movement, we want to make sure you didn’t miss any of them!

To help you move the needle in 2018, here’s a quick breakdown of Geopointe’s most noteworthy new features released in 2017:

1. Time-based Route Types

With this feature, you can optimize scheduled routes by factoring in all of your stops along the way. So, you have a more accurate idea of how long you’ll be on the road on days that are jam-packed with customer meetings.


2. Quick Check-in & Check-out Feature (Mobile)

Geopointe’s Check-in & Check-out feature has become a popular tool, so we made it easier by bringing it to your mobile phone through the Salesforce mobile app!


3. Multiple Field Marker Rules

The ability to color your map markers based on a Salesforce field has been a popular feature, so we expanded upon it! Now you can customize both the color and the icon for markers on your map!


4. Salesforce Reports as Data Set Source

At last, this feature brings a more direct link between Salesforce reports and data sets. And, while this feature is still is in BETA and will not work with every report type, it’s a promising start!


5. Nearby Time Search

We also released a new nearby search option: time-based (driving or walking). Now when you perform a Nearby Search, the drop-down menu includes miles, kilometers, minutes and hours.


6. Shape Fields (Mobile)

The Shape Fields feature – previously only available in your desktop browser – allows you to connect a shape to a record. But, due to customer requests, we brought them to your mobile experience this year!


7. Recent Data Sets

Geopointe’s June ’16 Release introduced the ability to see Recent Layers in the Saved Layers from your desktop. Now, Geopointe users have the same functionality within the Salesforce mobile app.

Do you want to see Geopointe’s full list of features? Simply click the link below!

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