How to Boost Your Business with Location Data: Holiday Businesses

How to Boost Your Business with Location Data: Holiday Businesses

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Santa Clause may be make-believe, but the rise in demand for consumer goods during the holidays certainly isn’t. If your business looks to the holidays for a serious spike in revenue, having the right tools to meet the demand is a necessity. If you’re in need of a strategic seasonal business tool, location data solutions might be just what you need to meet demands and move the needle.

Deliver the Package Quickly

How to Boost Your Business with Location Data: Holiday Businesses

This year, e-commerce sales are expected to see a 10 percent year-over-year growth rate. But that increase in demand comes with a caveat, as buyers want their packages faster during the holidays. In fact, 50 percent of online customers abandon their carts due to lengthy delivery times or when no delivery date is provided. But, tracking deliveries with enough precision to provide customers with accurate time estimates can be tricky without the right technology to support it.

Luckily, with the help of our new Live Vehicle & Asset Tracking feature, Geopointe is able to help Salesforce users get live updates on just about anything from vehicles in the field to containers of holiday goods. With the right customized approach, this solution could be just the answer to meeting the immediate holiday needs of your retail customers.[1] [2]

Quickly & Efficiently Hire for the Holidays

How to Boost Your Business with Location Data: Holiday Businesses

It’s no secret that finding top-notch candidates can be time-consuming. Unfortunately for companies with seasonal products, such as Christmas trees, time is not on their side, as they need to hire help in a very short time span. So, how do you accomplish that without throwing quality to the wayside? Easy answer –location data.

Data-driven solutions, like Salesforce, that offer in-depth analytics to quickly find your ideal candidates are a great place to start. But, data sheets are complex and, for those with quick seasonal needs, visualizing them is key. Geopointe can provide recruiters with a literal road map to success using Geopointe to filter and layer their data on the map. With several business partners in the recruitment industry, we’ve personally seen these tools work wonders for companies with hiring needs.

Market Using Seasonal Trends

How to Boost Your Business with Location Data: Holiday Businesses

Whether it’s the cold weather, the holiday cheer or the seasonal shopping spree that does it, consumers behave differently during the holidays. Thanks to advancement in data-driven technology you can now anticipate and adjust to those tendencies in your holiday marketing strategy.

For Geopointe users, it’s never been easier to craft a custom campaign with creative holiday messaging that gets delivered to the right region at the right time to effectively captivate your leads and close more business. What’s more, the benefits you’ll receive from the extra effort won’t fizzle out when the New Years’ ball drops, as you’ll be able to collect actionable data for next year’s holiday campaigns.

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