The Beginner’s Guide to Geolocation

The Beginner's Guide to Geolocation

How I Grasped Geolocation, its Use Cases & Its Untapped Potential

Just a little over nine months ago, I joined Geopointe as a Senior Marketing Specialist. I was incredibly excited about the new opportunity but also worried. I had to admit; I knew very little about geolocation, how it worked, its user base and its overall relevance in the business world.

I was enthusiastic to learn as much as I could about the industry, so I started my research. And, while I found tons of information, I had a tough time finding one central resource that gave me a basic understanding of the value of geolocation for business. So, I decided to put together a SlideShare presentation containing the most valuable data I could find and turned it into a project. As a result, I became fascinated with geolocation as a whole, how widely it’s used and its bottom-line business benefits.

Now that the project is complete, I’d like to share all that I discovered with the Geopointe community! Check it out below to learn more about geolocation technology, its rising prevalence in the business world and its countless use cases!

Interested in learning more? Click the link below to learn more about Geopointe, the premiere geolocation application for Salesforce users!

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