The Beginner’s Guide to Geolocation

The Beginner's Guide to Geolocation

How I Grasped Geolocation, its Use Cases & Its Untapped Potential

Just a little over nine months ago, I joined Geopointe as a Senior Marketing Specialist. I was incredibly excited about the new opportunity but also worried. I had to admit; I knew very little about geolocation, how it worked, its user base and its overall relevance in the business world.

I was enthusiastic to learn as much as I could about the industry, so I started my research. And, while I found tons of information, I had a tough time finding one central resource that gave me a basic understanding of the value of geolocation for business. So, I decided to put together a SlideShare presentation containing the most valuable data I could find and turned it into a project. As a result, I became fascinated with geolocation as a whole, how widely it’s used and its bottom-line business benefits.

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